Working on the solar system today changing some wiring at the Homestead.

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We were working on the solar system today at the Homestead so when we run the jenny we are now able to charge up the batteries as well.

40 thoughts on “Working on the solar system today changing some wiring at the Homestead.

  1. Chores are a necessary evil. I wish I had more motivation and energy to do more today. Dehydrated tomatoes; zucchini; and peppers – now I am DONE. Keep up the good work, you have come so far since I watched your first video. Good for you

  2. Something I realized after rereading the title of this video. I feel lazy having only worked today and then coming home to make ziti. Because Ed was more ambitious and worked on the entire solar system! Considering how vast our solar system is that’s pretty damn impressive!!!

  3. Great news on getting the generator on the inverter/charger! Should definitely help your gasoline bill!

    You might want to check with US Carburation to see if they have a motorsnorkel model for your model generator. That would allow the generator to run on propane, NG or gasoline thus giving you more options when shtf.

    I usually just keep my generator on propane since it runs smoother and quieter on propane vs gas but the motor snorkel allows use of all 3 fuels without making permanent change to the generator.

    Urbanites might find the use of natural gas the least expensive option since it usually costs much less than propane or gasoline and you can use the fitting for your deck grill when the generator isn't needed! 🙂

    Since you have the large propane tank, propane would probably be the most cost effective fuel for your generator.

    Do you have an adapter than allows you to refill your 20# tanks from your main propane tank? That would help cut costs vs refilling the 20# tanks at a depot somewhere.

  4. Ed, I do wish you would stop kicking yourself in the butt.
    You probably have a list as long as a football field, maybe even two football fields.
    Looks like the new setup with the electric, well save you time and hassle not to mention money.
    Just don't burn out that inverter…
    Or call their tech support to make sure I can handle all the extra juice.
    Is Bryant venting his batteries..?

  5. Where's the kitty-babies update??? Gotta have more of them kitties! Just got a new cat today myself; they told me he is a 3 yr old but he looks like maybe a 1 yr old kitten. My older cat (8 yrs old) is NOT amused and keeps hissing and growling at him. Meanwhile, the new guy is cool and keeps trying to make friends. So far no fisticuffs, so that's good. I wanted to foster some kittens but don't have my place cleared up enough to do that (not safe for babies). Hopefully things will work out with the new guy.

  6. Love the solar additions/improvements…makes me wish I was part of your group! LOL…but you're East and I'm a Westerner. So far I haven't found a group here, other than a spiritual group oriented to teaching children how to use their abilities. They are kind of "pie in the sky" people, not preppers…kinda drives me crazy, you know? Maybe they're right, maybe not…but I believe in being prepared and not depending on ET's to come save us. Jeez, maybe I'm just OLD, LOL.

  7. Hey Bud. I am off grid and use the AIMS 6kw 240 inverter and have my genny wired into to AC input on the inverter. This charger is awesome but I would recommend setting the charge rate at only 30%. Also maybe some CPU fans mounted externally to keep it cool in heat. Also use a high voltage switch and let genny stabilize before switching 240v to inverter. It looks like a modified sine wave genny and that will fry your inverter, eventually… I did it too… Awesome job though and I am on the same page!

  8. Thank you for the solar video, it is something I've been interested in since I started watching. (I have pages of notes, even all the pos. to neg. etc. ones that you changed later) I have been buying parts to set up (um) somewhere… I am curious though, What do you (or anybody on here) think about those portable solar generators?

  9. Congrats on streamlining that system for your solar & generator. (I picked up a troll from over here the other day… they are following me around now to attempt to pick arguments with me.) (I'm guessing they haven't figured out that heart patients who don't have the energy to sit up in a chair, or even eat, aren't good for much return sport). (I feel sorry for the troll). 😀

  10. ding this with the generator will definitely save you lots of $$$ o gas for the generator. bummer your friend had that much damage in his camper, looks like it'll be tight with all that sealing he did to it

  11. I’ve been watching your channel for quite some time now and your environment is really utilitarian and not very aesthetically pleasing as it could be. It’s not an insult just a point. I’m just a really organized person. If I wasn’t already spoken for I’d love to help. Enjoy your channel.

  12. Mr. Nurse1: on yesterday's vlog, with the chicken house roof…I'm no way any kind of expert, but might you not thing of an air vent on top, or in the roof, of the chicken house? I've never seen one without one. One you can close off in winter? Or am I wrong?

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