Wind Power price drops open possibility of ‘entirely green energy system’

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Environmentalists are hailing a ‘breakthrough moment’ for offshore wind in the UK with new figures showing it now requires lower subsidies than new nuclear. Matthew Wright is Managing Director for DONG Energy UK — which is building the world’s biggest offshore wind project off the Norfolk coast.

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9 thoughts on “Wind Power price drops open possibility of ‘entirely green energy system’

  1. Here we go again – nobody addresses the KILLER WINDMILLS as they kill Millions of Birds including Raptors – No – the "Green" Movement only thinks of them selfs – with that ME-ME and I+I Attitude – don't care about the Bird Population – a very sad State of Affairs indeed !

  2. I think the interviewer could have juxtaposed the observation about wind power "subsidies" with some recognition of the fact that Fossil Fuels still get in excess of $5tn in subsidies every year according to a study published in the journal World Development. If people knew how much fossil fuels get in subsidies then even conservatives would balk, so why is a commentator online (me) fact-checking the 'News' media? Isn't it the job of the news media to do their fact-checking and present a balanced report?

  3. Zero carbon footprint????? Let's not lie now, the heeps of trash left behind after a decommissioned wind farms or solar power plant make coal mining look like land reclamation.

  4. They still have no way of storing it on a huge scale, look to Germany and solar, sometimes they dont have enough and other times they have to sell it at a loss overall to get rid instead of wasting it as there is no way of storing it yet.

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