Urban Green Energy 4 kW -Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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This is a new 4 kw vertical axis wind turbine from Urban Green Energy. It has a low start up speed with a fairly large swept area. This one is on the ground which demonstrates the use of this as a possibility for a mobile generator.

24 thoughts on “Urban Green Energy 4 kW -Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

  1. n 2010, we purchased a wind turbine when UGE was a company called 3eWerks. We fought hard with our neighborhood association to do this; they thought it would be loud and ugly. We won that battle, and the turbine was installed. It was quiet and lovely…and it worked for about six months. Over the next couple of years, multiple repairs were needed. We ended up with three different generators, and two sets of blades. The last time they came to replace the turbine about two years ago, the replacement generator was the wrong size for the turbine to fit. When that happened, the company presented us with a “great” deal – they would install solar panels instead of another turbine at no additional cost. We had spent at least $45,000 by this time, and gladly accepted this offer. Since that time, despite several “updates” that we were about to get our solar panels, nothing has happened. The last email from Brandon Jacobs on July 18, 2016 read:

    “Thanks for reaching out. Here at UGE, we are currently undergoing a corporate restructuring. We are reorganizing the business and that has slowed down our normal operations. We are still in the process of sorting out all of the pieces and will need one month before the plans are finalized. Once this is settled, we will get back to you with a workable solution.”

    We have not heard from him again. Today is a july 4, 2017. We have been patient. We understand alternative energy is new, and growing pains are expected. We want to support alternatives to fossil fuel, especially in Texas, and believe strongly that our country must move in this direction for the well-being of the planet. A $45,000 investment for our family was a lot of money. We would not have thrown that amount of money away. We were trying to do something good for the environment. Experiences like this understandably will (and should) make it less likely for individual consumers to invest in alternative energy, but maybe this is not where the money is. I realize we are a very small customer while UGE markets primarily to large industrial clients. I understand that new investors don’t want to pay for old mistakes. I understand that the original company has gone through many changes, and that this is expected with new technology. We believe that UGE should honor their agreement with us. We believe in the honor of a person’s word, but it appears that we have been either thrown aside or placed at the end of a very long list of priorities.

  2. Really beautiful, and I've heard there are very good, and low vibration too.

    What does it drive to produce electricity?  How is it linked to the generator?

    Is there a way to stop the wind turbine if you need to … that is, does it have a brake or something in case something starts to break or vibrate too much?

  3. Really? You can make this for under $1,000. The key is to offset normal usage, not shift the money from the utility company to another source. Solar systems are nice, but the recovery of cost doesn't warrant the expense. A 2000 sq ft home can generate 2-3KW of solar power, but it will cost about $10,000. For me, that is 6 years of normal electric payments. My home is 100% electric…I have no gas utility. Not everyone has a huge backyard to add more solar panels.

  4. How much does it cost? and what is the Return on Investment (ROI) TIME on this. and whats the warranty and how long the thing actually last for. the parts before need for a replacement. Please give details thanks. our hose is currently consuming around 3-5kw per day. depends on the timing of people in the house 🙂

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