Trying Out Eco Friendly Makeup

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Today I’m doing a comparative wear test. And by that I mean I’m wearing conventional makeup that I currently own one day, seeing how it wears, and then wearing zero waste makeup the next day to see how it stacks up. Get it? Eh, well, hopefully it will make more sense once you watch the video. Enjoy!

The eco-friendly products I used:

Let’s all be kind and build each other up with positivity. Thanks so much for watching!

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15 thoughts on “Trying Out Eco Friendly Makeup

  1. Waaaaay too long explaining things and unnecessary filler…like this should have been a 4 minute video max. Also I thought this was going to be you trying multiple products. I actually love your channel but this video isn't helpful to anyone who's not specifically interested in those two products.

  2. I just bought eyeliner and mascara from LUSH. The eyeliner is is a glass bottle, but the brush is plastic and the mascara is in a plastic container, but apparently they take them back and recycle them themselves. I was pretty happy with both of them. The eyeliner brush isn't the best but they eyeliner itself is awesome!

  3. Hey Samantha! I recently bought a new foundation that is not exactly 'zero waste' but was definitely plastic free. The brand is called Kjaer Weis, who make natural make up products. I just bought the foundation refil which came in cardboard wrapping and the cream foundation inside is set in a metal pan.
    I'm currently quite happy with the coverage as it can be low to high coverage. I colour matched and bought it in store from a little store in Carlton North, Vic called 'the Lab organics'. You can also buy it online, but I don't know what kind of packaging it would come in. Hope this helps someone 😊

  4. This is so helpful! Ive been looking into eco friendly make up but I don’t know what to get 😩 I still have a shit load of makeup from before I went zero waste tho so I’m good for now, only thing I’ll need soon in mascara. Any good recommendations on mascara ?

  5. Thank you for making this video!!! I currently use Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink for my lips but it comes in a plastic container so I am grateful for your information. I hope that eco-friendly companies would take your input into consideration to make better products.

  6. Omg, I just love your sense of humor 😂

    Also your video makes me feel better and more hopeful about my 75€ order on zero waste makeup that is due to arrive tomorrow. Let's hope it wasn't a waste of money 😀🙈

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