Top 6 Tips Anyone Can Do To Save Money Installing Solar Panels

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We all love to save money. By some of these 6 tips, you can save a lot of it when installing a solar panel system at your home.

In this video, I will go over 6 easy tips and tricks you can use to install solar at your home for a fraction of the cost of the big companies. And you don’t have to pick up a drill or crimper yourself!

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19 thoughts on “Top 6 Tips Anyone Can Do To Save Money Installing Solar Panels

  1. bro ,i am an electrical engineer.
    and i was planning to build a solar installer company and i was researching about that plan for a month and i end up here ,you said hire some dude on street to install it.
    you just ruined my plan .πŸ˜“
    i am from middle East.
    please say something.😾

  2. Am one of the practical types , so basic installation should be ok . I am just looking for enough panels to operate my pool pump during the day . So no need for batteries . I would like to keep the 240v 1 kw pump . Space and enough sunlight is not a problem . Living in sunny South Africa . Would be grateful for any tips or suggestions . Thanks for the videos .

  3. I kinda have an attention deficit thing going on. So, in summary, I'm supposed to install small, broken solar panels using homeless laborers in bad weather?

  4. Mate, you are talking rubbish here. Completely misleading people. 250 – 300W panels are the best value for money per square metre. You most definitely should go with an installer who has experience. I've fixed too many DIY installs to count. It is so much better to shop around and get a reputable installation company to do the job for you. Not some guy hanging around on the street looking for work.
    The reason GOOD installers sell you certain products (and guarantee their work) is because they know what works and what doesn't work based on their experience installing this equipment.
    You're suggesting people buy panels by the pallet? There are normally around 30 – 34 panels per pallet. Who is going to need that many panels for their home? 20x250W = 5kW. Your local solar company buys pallet loads so they can pass on the discounts to their customers.
    I could go on but it's late and I just felt I needed to let people know that this is just more misinformation in the solar industry. It really needs to stop.

  5. Do keep in mind that using smaller panels may save on shipping, price per watt is usually about the same as larger panels. Smaller panel arrays take more racking and accessories to complete and may offset the overall cost.

  6. Here in nova scotia there are no discounts on anything so buying a 100Watt panel means that it's $2 a watt…150 watt is $2 a wat when you get over 200Watt panels it's $1 a watt and then you pay 15% tax on top of that and your savings are very very small. I payed $215 for a 100 watt panel and that's a damn rip off.

  7. Great tips, most of these I figured out through a bit of research. I managed to find a person selling 270w poly panels for 100 usd each. (Not here to sell/promote, if you want details pm me.)

  8. I currently have 26 100w panels 16 used 6 new. Also have 4 245w panels also used but never installed. Along with a 2500w Grid tie. Xantrex SunTie from 2001. Not installed yet but soon. Paid around $1500 for everything worth a bunch more!

  9. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘πŸ‘ˆ….useful stuff especially for someone who may be thinking of getting into solar. But you forgot to mention where to install the computer fan! Tsk. Tsk. πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜

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