The Truth About Solar

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For a long time, solar power has been very much hated from a cost-benefit standpoint but things are starting to turn around for the technology. Around the world, progress is being made to make solar power a viable alternative.

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47 thoughts on “The Truth About Solar

  1. you mentioned Rwanda and other countries ambitions by 2030. You showed a picture from Morocco's vast solar plant which is currently one of the largest in the world. It's called Noor but you had no mention of Morocco.
    FYI, Morocco's ambitious plan is 42% by 2030.

  2. New materials and nano technology may further reduce cost or increase efficiency using perovskites and other materials such as ZnFe2o4 nano films. I expect what ever swanson's law is give x2 gain in growth, or efficiency or solid stat cells and flow cells and other chemical solar technology and thermal and other technology may leap frog the current technology by ten once every ten years.

  3. the guy shows up statistics proving solar technology is advancing for good. brainwashed people still shiting "it's ineffective, it's bad for environment" let's compare the environment costs of carborn in long terms while it runs out leaving you in the dark.

  4. A new study by Ferroni and Hopkirk [1] estimates the ERoEI of temperate latitudesolar photovoltaic (PV) systems to be 0.83. If correct, that means more energy is used to make the PV panels than will ever be recovered from them during their 25 year lifetime. A PV panel will produce more CO2 than if coal were simply used directly to make electricity. Worse than that, all the CO2 from PV production is in the atmosphere today, while burning coal to make electricity, the emissions would be spread over the 25 year period. The image shows the true green credentials of solar PV where industrial wastelands have been created in China so that Europeans can make believe they are reducing CO2 emissions.

    Seriously, please read the article to educate yourself, more people need to have a grasp on reality and stopped being fooled so easily because it's wasting energy and resources. Democracy sucks.

  5. Those problem in germany are gonna go away, once they start heating their home with electricity & charging their car. PV in china is 1%. Most of China's industry uses oil. Homes appliances & leds are but the tip of the iceberg. Heating, Transportation & Industry are the ones in dare need of transformation. PV on top of car is the dumbest idea ever, proven with actual facts.

  6. Soon you'll have community solar farms they will use the power they need and can sell the rest also smaller windturbines catch on one the cost comes down will be less noise then a full size wind turbine or community's will buy giant batteries for off peck hours its going take some community co ops things like that

  7. I was thinking about having a few solar panel working directly onto a water heating element say 24 volts. I would then use the hot water as a space heater on cold but sunny days. Has anyone done this that you know of? I ran a 12 volt fan direct from a panel, and it worked absolutely fine – no battery or regulator required. I have a 24 volt system that supplies everything I need except heating. So, panels being cheap, I was simply going to buy a few extra panels, mount them on my veranda roof and connect them directly to a water heating element. If anyone reading this has tried something similar, would be glad to hear from you.

  8. How does the 36 cents per watt work ? Is that based on initial cost of solar equiptment ? Or is that based on total amount of energy over the course of the life of the equipment ?

  9. Now to get solar panels in some american states legal to use since those states obviously are to stupid to realize that its simpler cheaper things that thier powerline workers could be easily retrained to maintain.

  10. The only real renewable energy is methane (AKA propane LPG or natural gas) because it is produced by decomposing garbage, animal waste, and sewage; if harvested (at most landfills it is collected and burned in a generator to provide power to the facility), this free gas could be everything we need for energy.

  11. Green energy could have a significant impact on military conflicts, given the a lot of the wars throughout history has been over control of energy resources. Less reliance on carbon fuels will likely reduce the number of wars fought over energy resources.

  12. Production numbers are ALWAYS inflated, because they rely on angle of incidence to the solar panel, direct sunlight (not diffuse light), and temperature under IDEAL conditions. Change any of these, and production values plummet. Yes, the light penetrates the clouds, but the amount of energy drops precipitously (from 10,000 foot candles illumination in direct sunlight to 100 foot candles under an overcast sky). You can lose 25% of your efficiency to heat (Solar Cells are generally tested at 75 degrees F, and gee – it gets hotter when you leave it in the sun all day). Angle of incidence can reduce your efficiency (from minor loss to 40% at 83 degrees) – so a motivator to change your angle is required.

    Based on all this, I really suspect that 13% number of what we COULD get is highly suspect….when you figure getting to 19% efficiency is currently the "holy grail" of solar cell design.

  13. Did not tell the energy use cost of making maintaining transporting and replacing the cells. Geothermal is more consistent and has less parts and per user much fewer connections to the grid. Geothermal is a freer free lunch.

  14. A few points, free energy from the sun, crap, soler systems even on 2018 are expensive and adding battery storage takes the cost out of reach for most people and you have to consider the life of the panels and battery. Stating the amount of energy that the earth absorbs is akin to the statements of the most abundant element in the universe – hydrogen.
    Chinese panels are still 2nd rate to German, American and Australian panels. The good ones are expensive.
    Battery cars are bullshit, try towing my 7m boat 600km, refuel in 2 min then off for another 600km.

  15. A 20KW system would save me $16 a day with 8 hours of full sun at 10 cents a Kw-hr. Seeing how it would cost in the 10's of thousands, I don't see any savings or personal benefit. Hopefully the technology and price will improve over time. If you live an expensive area like Hawaii or NY it may be worth it though.

  16. The heavy metal pollution that the current round of solar panels generates when the glass breaks is a huge problem… Here there have been big solar farms that were abandoned as "not profitable" after the subsidy money ran out. A few months later after a few hail storms? Arsenic and lead in the soil.. along with other nasty metals. Solar panels (the traditional type at least) needs to have guaranteed site remediation to avoid having farmland destroyed for agricultural use if the land gets polluted.

  17. I put solar on my house in southern Ohio. 10000w inverter and 48 volt (24 golf car batteries) 3400 wart of solar input. Been running about 4 years or so. Very happy with the 80% reduction in electrical costs.

  18. I am all for solar power. There are several ways to manifest solar power into usable energy. The solar revolution is happening in China fastest and they make most of the solar panels and batteries. I think that RF energy is a better energy cost for the people as well it takes little to harness and can provide a greater sum of output to input ratio enough to sustain an energy source and a high-quality source of dielectric power (heat) at the right frequency between the induction of the (specific) metals. Solar is so limited and has to be stored on battery banks which makes it vulnerable as an energy source. RF energy is found everywhere in night and day and everywhere high or low.

  19. You should’ve brought up the fact that that solar energy technology will be the best chance for the earth to start to cleanse itself: and that’s the best part! That’s called « killing two birds w/ one stone! »

  20. Sorry to rain on your parade, but solar power is going to be made obsolete by thorium nuclear energy. Stop wasting time and resources. Cheap, plentiful, safe, clean thorium will cause a global renaissance because power will be so cheap. By the way, solar panels consume silver and silver resources will run out at present consumption rates.

  21. Worst mistake I ever made. Ruined my families life. I had Vivint install 51 panels on my home. I am in Southern California. All 51 panels leaked through the record 8 months of rain in 2017. Vivint are criminals who walk away after damaging your home. There is no regulations for the solar industry. They given free rein to destroy homes, illegally bill you, etc. I have now joined together with thousands of victims of Vivint across the US. The stories are incredible. 8 US attorney generals have filed suits against Vivint. The Utah State Consumer fraud division found Vivint was turning off customers panels and then auto deducting fake bills from accounts. Vivint brought in 4 restoration companies to give them bids for my home and the estimates are $367,000-$374,000, so they walked away. Their are seniors who have lost their homes, veterans taken advantage of, and the list goes on for their crimes. My home is full of mold, and I have no where to go. I have suffered health issues and lost 17% lung capacity so far. I wish I never allowed them to touch my home, and the CEO David Bywater belongs in jail.

  22. I can see individuals and corporations going solar and that is where they need to focus, with affordable systems for those areas. But to demand everyone to bow down to their government because they know best and be forced to pay more for a system forced down their throats, that is another matter. Where there is government, there is corruption and only the rich get richer!

  23. We've invented technologies and economies to insure against global fluctuations in almost all commodities — agriculture, energy, network bandwidth, manufacturing, even risk.
    I think we'll eventually develop global grids large enough to make solar energy as fungible as carbon. The sun's always shining somewhere.

  24. Can't compete with China when it comes to things like this. Cancer is denied over there it doesn't exist. That country is so polluted at some places it's shocking and we arrogant bastards of the western world don't give a shit.

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