The Off Grid Project Converting To 24 Volt Solar Battery Bank Pt2

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I converted my solar power system from 12 volts to 24 volts in order to improve overall efficiency.

Get the 24 volt to 120 volt inverter here:

Get the 24 to 12 volt DC DC converter here:

Get the 12/24 volt cigarette lighter volt meter here:

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42 thoughts on “The Off Grid Project Converting To 24 Volt Solar Battery Bank Pt2

  1. I think I told you before on a post that I was waiting for my house loan well, I got my notification on Friday that my loan is up and I can start building next summer. Im building a small house with solar and wind power so I was wondering if I could build a closet or very small shed attached to the house to put the battery bank and the whole system in so its also accessible from the inside as well as the outside.

  2. Who else sees a better way to setup that outside battery bank for:

    1. Much longer battery longevity
    2. Increased current ability to loads
    3. Reduced chance of premature cell failure from reversed cell voltage
    4. reduced risk of cell charge/discharge imbalance

    What you did with the battery box works obviously, but there is still an even better way to do it and it does not cost one penny more to make the change(s)!

    See Troy, not whining, like I saw in a comment: I am offering good electrical knowledge that will save you money on those batteries. But before revealing it, I can help your income by the extra comments. So everybody, just for fun, do you see a better no cost improvement(s) to the battery box covering my 4 points EVEN before he gets all the indoor stuff arranged?

  3. Hey nice set up! Very roomy box works perfect for your setup. Like they way you Wired everything. I Have the very similar system, box.
    I just upgraded to 10 batteries running at 12v, hopefully soon going to 24v just like you. Have a epever 40a charge controller 255 watt solar panels. I will be uploading the vídeo on my channel.

  4. look at your tristar manual look for the earth ground lug. its on their web cite also. PDF file. connect it to the ground rod. something now is better than you had. go to lows or home depot get a 8 Ft UL approved ground rod and UL clamp. put all the way in ground. below grade. Use #6 or #4 CU ground wire make connection and buray it. that's the best ground. I have 4 rods and THHN 2 wire but I have antennas. also buy DUCK SEAL and put it on battery box wire wires go threw metal. also use a old rubber hose for extra insulation. your are getting it.

  5. I guess some people are rich and buy all the latest and greatest wires, inverters lithium batteries and fuses and conduit and hire laborers to install it all perrrrfectly. LOL And they buy a whole shipping container of solar panels and metal rack systems. That makes them smarter because they got money to burn. But in reality they only have a keyboard that they spout stuff off about stuff they have no money to purchase them selfs. They have not a solar system at all, but know everything about them.

  6. Dont leave the cig lighter monitor plugged in all the time I had one of those too. They have a amp draw and can pull down your batts. I just plug them in when I want a reading.

  7. Put black tape on the wire ties to help keep them from coming untied. So if it stays temporary for longer than you planned on. I like to use wire clamps instead of butt connectors they can easily come undone. I have a lot of butt connectors for temporary projects but they are not any good. wire clamps are great but very expensive though. I bit the bullet and bought some.

  8. Glad you got it rigged up for 24 volts but Its best to buy tinned marine 6 awg wire for boats or some welding cable for your leads from your batteries to the CCs they dont corrode like the cheap copper clad Chinese wires. You will find like I did too that the cheap copper clad wires from China really turn black or green outside very quickly and become useless. I buy all my wire off of ebay. I like to use the Landscape Lighting Wire 8 gauge wire. It is bury able too. It runs from my panels to the CC.
    The inverter looks just like the 1000 watt Aims pure sine I tried out one time I expect it to last long. I blew mine up but i over loaded it so dont even think about pushing it stay below a thousand watts all the time. I would like to see you get a Xantrax1800watt Prosine Yellow they are good and they even use them on ambulances. You might watch on ebay for a used one I have bought them for as cheap as 250 dollars but usually they are around 350 for a used one to 500 dollars. dont pay that much wait for a 300 dollar one or less. Dont buy the broken ones they cannot be repaired. One time use if the main board goes out then its done. The fan and the fuse is serviceable. I have four yellow Xantrax 1800 watt inverters. Two are down for repairs fan and fuse needed and on order.

  9. Hi! Can u update on mining performance with solar? Are u running afterburner? We came away from our solar experiment thinking solar power was "dirty", if that makes sense. Lower hashrate compared to normal power. What have u been seeing?

  10. Troy great video I thank you so much for showing all of us exactly how to do all this wiring you're much more knowledgeable in this area. I am really concerned however if an EMP strikes and you have not got everything completely sealed up. Everything I've researched says we must have everything in a completely sealed metal container faraday cage. You're such a nice family I don't want you to end up having to go without power totally if any in peace strikes. Thank you so very very much for continually showing us all this information you're helping me learn a lot have a blessed day Troy Melanie and Michelle🌻🐝🌻

  11. Use neg connection terminalolgy of return instead of ground. You mean componets not competance for parts. The return wording keeps you aware where the juice flows goes. Like thru your heart if you hold the red in your right and black in your left hands.

  12. Great to see the change!! Good improvement!! hope it is way better for you! and good work on the links,,, I had a "whiner" on my channel telling me that it was important to state that it was Affiliate Links,, so I added [Affiliate Links] over the links :-/
    I got my new 48Volt to 230volt AC just yesterday,, so I am going to be playing with this sort of "toys" this comming weekend. I thought it was German made,, but it says "made in China on the box :-/

  13. your looking for a big fire, were is your 300amp fuse ar your positive out wire at the battery post between your post and battery cable, and were is your fuse at the positive 24 volt wire off the post going to the house

  14. put a grommet or something around that hole the wires come through for the inverter. The metal there will eventually slice through the outer coating and stuff might not end up going so pretty from then on.

  15. I`ll admit i have no knowledge about solar systems but i`m surprised your not wearing eye or face protection while working over them batteries. Have had large tractor batteries blow up and it wasn`t pretty. Safety first sir

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