The #1 Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint is Pretty Controversial

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It turns out the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is one rarely talked about. Would you go to this extreme to reduce your carbon emissions? Kim and Alan break it down.

You can read more about these findings here:

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32 thoughts on “The #1 Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint is Pretty Controversial

  1. I've literally been saying this for 10+ years, put a general 2 kids rule that can be overlooked if something where to happen like twins after the first kid or something. Seriously how did people actually think the world worked? that the population would just grow infinitely without consequences?

  2. How is this controversial? No shit having fewer people is the best option for our planet. And the people who think it's controversial or that having kids is a good thing are fucking stupid.

  3. We're not saving the planet by having fewer children, we're saving the rest of the populace.

    The planet doesn't care about us, we care about us. And we can care for others by proxy of not having kids of our own.
    And sometimes by directly caring for others because we don't have kids of our own.

  4. My 3 siblings and I came to an agreement. We wanted to make sure that our collective kids would not exceed 4, and if you married someone with kids, that was it for you. So, for every couple, there would be 1 child. Then one sibling (and spouse) decided not to have kids. Of the 4 of us (and spouses), only 3 would have kids. We were going to let my big sis have 2, but her husband already had another kid. We're all happy with our decisions.

  5. I chose not to have kids many years ago and got fixed, in part for this reason. Also because I have a genetic disorder I don't want to risk passing on. I'm fine with my decision. However, I've found it harder to find a wife. However, as I approach my middle years, I imagine fewer women will be looking to have kids, or at least not more kids.

  6. I like how nobody talks about big industries' carbon footprint that is the majority of the damage that is hitting the earth. They always send the bill to us, the common people.

    I am going to have so many kids, I want to see who will stop me. Not only that but I will raise them to want a lot of kids too. Xoxo

  7. Unfortunately, if one demographic group collectively decides not to have kids that just means another group will take over the world in the long term. I'm sure what you're saying about the environment is true though, and I also think there are other signs the future's going to be tough for future generations. There are tradeoffs to everything.

  8. Yes! I've been telling people this. I've been having an existential crisis ever since seeing a chart of the population rising after WWII. Stop having so many damn kids. I see a woman walk down the street with a huge belly and six kids all around the same age following close behind and I get ghost pain in my vagina. You don't need 7 little colleges debt checks, 7 cars, 7 humans worth of close, 7 extra rooms, 7 extra everything. You just slip on a condom, it's not fucking rocket science.

  9. best way to reduce your carbon footprint is all of the above. drive an electric car, hybrid or bike when feasible. recycle. don't eat meat. don't have a shit-load of kids. do it all!

  10. Given the multiple crises facing humanity, if you care about what happens to your children, don't have any.

    And why is Alan telling people it's okay to have five kids. It's irresponsible.

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