Tesla Solar Roof: A Rare First Look

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A rare look at one of the first installations of Tesla Solar Roof in California including the interview with the owners, great footage of the solar roof’s tiles / shingles and my overall impression and review of this amazing product.

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43 thoughts on “Tesla Solar Roof: A Rare First Look

  1. I have considered the benefits of a Tesla roof in my house in Pagosa Springs, Co. We get a lot of snow in the Winter and I believe that a smooth roof would be the best option I have seen for heavy snowfall. All the roofs I have seen are plagued by ice dams that tear up the roof as they slide down like a glacier. The Tesla roof on the other hand, I think might be impervious to the damage. First as the ice (snow) moves down (or across the roof especially in valley areas) There would be NO ridges to impede the flow. Also thawing and refreezing would have no damaging effect. I don't whether I am not more interest in the resistance to ice (glacier) damage than I am power production

  2. I’m unsure about this. Solar power should be free and the owner should on the rights or at least receive A good percentage.

    If I put Solar on my roof and sell the excess. I should get the check especially if I pay that much money.

  3. 2 year wait to install and still not up and running? Waste of money to me, People in California have more money than brains. What is with people in California and their love affair with Tesla?

  4. One of the problems with the current California forest fires is that the roofs of homes catch fire which then spreads to the rest of the house.
    If a house had a Tesla solar roof, would it resist fire?

  5. honestly the more you look into this stuff guys….panels are .4$/watt roughly inverter is some .25$/watt thats .75$/watt…..these installers will tell you your system will cost 3$/watt…..Yes there is labor to mount the panels, 100 feet of wiring to get it to breaker and permitting but overall its pretty sad that labor and permitting make up 70% of the cost…the physical equipment could be free and the stupid labor/permit would still make it a bad investment

  6. Enjoy While You Have it Cuz When Project Solar Shield Steps Up One Notch Your Solar Panels Will Not Work…Solar Panels are Already 18% Down over the Last few years Thanks to Project Solar Shield and Chemtrails!!!!!

  7. Solar power would be great if it was truly affordable. It’s not financially wise to go into alternative energy, it’s just something for people with money to buy so they got something to be superior about. When it costs about 1000 bucks and it will power every thing in my house without hesitation, then it will be worth it.

  8. One person I talked to up a couple of states north indicated an $80,000 Rough cost for installation. Oh, and no money down… but his house payment went up $1000. Errr.. No thanks. I can see why they laid off 15% of their people… Fire departments here said they would not put water on a house fire with the solar shingles.. again, no thank you. (You don't put water on high voltage after all….) – They indicated if the power generation were not outside the house "envelope" and easily cut off, there would be no water thrown on a fire… Sounds like a nice way to have a house vanish totally….

  9. 1. Why does it need to be hooked to the grid, and will Tesla refuse installation for those who want to live off grid?
    2. Why the two month wait?
    3. It seems a bit of a con to have some working solar and some fake solar tiles when the cost is so high. I would have thought the whole point of designing these was to avoid the clumsy solar panel look, so why not cover the entire roof area with ALL working solar? And can the customer demand a greater proportion of working tiles?
    4. What is the area coverage of the working solar panels, and how much energy do they generate per day?
    5. Is it compulsory for the storage boxes to be outside?
    6. Is this available in the UK?

    It's a great idea to install solar, but I have some nagging doubts if there are possibly so many conditions.
    Thank you for your reply/ies in advance.

  10. I fully believe this is the way. yes those words are said alot but benefits of this is just amazing imagine everyone homes makes their own power. Only 0.6 of america would need to be covered for all of our energy needs. That means if we get even a small adoption of this we could be looking at a very green maybe not 100% but very green future nonetheless

  11. yes I will go solar when i build my next house – its time to give the electricity companies the flick and move into a new phase of living. I don't think solar is going to be the final new way of powering homes but it is a start in the right direction. Probably wont be Tesla but they look great, I live in Australia so if USA people are having to wait ages, Australia has no hope any time soon. We have a couple of companies who do integrated soar roofs so I will go with that.

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