Ten Eco Friendly Minimalist Life Hacks to Live By

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Ten Eco Friendly Minimalist Life Hacks to Live By

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Have you been trying to declutter and downsize your belongings? Have you been reading about the Konmari method but don’t know where to start? Here are ten simple life hacks to get you started on your minimalist journey. As an added bonus, these hacks are eco friendly and frugal.

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24 thoughts on “Ten Eco Friendly Minimalist Life Hacks to Live By

  1. Hi! Great video 🙂 I have a question for you; Where do you buy your second hand clothing (online)? Because I know from previous video's you have some Lacausa stuff second hand, but I cant seem to find as many wearable stuff from online second hand stores. Maybe I'm not searching right.. but it always is very expensive still, whit high shipping costs and mostly only really large sizes.. Thanks! x

  2. Great tips!! I have to say though I don't think selling of second hand clothes to developing countries is necessarily a bad thing. Cuz it's usually at a reduced price and also a source of income for a lot of families. Additionally, it's an excellent choice for a lot of young people and poor people who want to dress decently but don't have a lot of money. It's sort of like thrifting so eco-friendly still at the end of the day

  3. Aesthetics in the beginning or the video was nice. I loved. I am a fashionista. But I like how you change your looks with the same clothes. I will still be artsy and creative and purchased clothes. But I love how you change your looks. It’s inspiration.

  4. Here are some Q&A: Where have you travelled to? And where would you like to visit next?
    As a minimalist do you occasionally purchase souvenirs?
    What is your favourite brand of green tea and how do you like your tea?
    Do you keep track of how much you give away and does it amaze you at times how much you had accumulated as you declutter?

  5. I never got the gender neutral/multi functional product tip. If more people are using it or it’s being used for more tasks, it has to be replaced more often… Am I missing something? ❤️

  6. When I donate things, I like to give stuff to the smaller thrift stores in my area. Some of my favorites over the years are ones that fund a women's shelter, the animal shelter thrift store, and one that helps disabled veterans. I think it's important to research where the profit from my items is going. The big big nationwide thrift stores can be super shady in so many ways.

  7. We work on simple switches and gradually work to do more and more. We went to all reusable water bottles, digital bills, stopped magazine subscriptions, cloth napkins and towels. Okay, now my one I need help with. Defrosting meat with no plastic bag, no microwave.

  8. I have a reusable water bottle and reusable straws I even have bags as well. It's amazing when you realize how much you actually waste. My town really doesn't have a great recycling program but we do have a recycling center across town. I do buy 2nd hand as much as I can. Thank u for the video interesting topic❤

  9. 3/4 or more of my clothes have been purchased from the thrift store. All of my shoes ( 8 pairs total ) have been purchased new.( I have hard to fit feet )
    Healthy foods that are budget friendly can be found. At Whole Foods Market a bag of organic carrots are $ .99. I buy two bags a week. One bag I cut up and keep in a container of water in the fridge. They are a great inexpensive crunchy snack. More inexpensive healthy foods are bags of potatoes and bags of apples.
    I too use a metal water bottle. I take it with me whenever I go out.
    Thanks for this video. P.S. I am working my Wardrobe Diary daily. ( :

  10. In Montreal, thin, single use plastic bags are forbidden since January 1st 2018. They got replaced by sturdier plastic bags which cost 10 cents each. It does seem to discourage some people from taking them because they don't want to pay. Also, because they are sturdier, you can reuse them a couple of times… I wish they had banned plastic bags altogether but at least its a step in the right direction. 🙂

  11. I think in Germany we could do a lot more in avoiding plastic bags. I do, but a lot of people still buy them, even though they are not for free:( your other life hacks are really thoroughly thought through and quite true. I really like your videos and l` m looking forward to your next one :))

  12. 'Go paper free'
    I am a not-digital artist who won't become digital anytome soon because I want to preserve the beautiful techniques and effects from traditional art. Paper free isn't really an option xD But one of the papers I use is made from old cotton rags so…

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