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24v solar generator inside, 400w in solar panels on DIY backyard stand

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Happy 2017! In this video, I moved the 24v solar generator into my living room and the two folding solar panels to the backyard (400w total). I built a lean-to rack out of spare Unistrut (Superstrut) channels. I also sunk a 4′ long grounding rod into the dirt near the patio. Everything works! The batteries are two 12v Trojan 31 AGM “Overdrive” deep cycle batteries. They are great!
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Top 10 Amazing Outdoor Solar Powered Gadgets | Part-2

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Best Solar Gadgets Review:
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The solar charger converts light energy from sun into 12 volt DC electricity and transported to rechargeable batteries. The charger will generate electricity current to trickle charge battery as long as thee is sufficient sunlight available.
Best Solar Gadgets List:
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2. BioLite SolarHome 620 15:38
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4. LunaR 12:07
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5. SolSource Sport 09:55
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7. SUNER POWER Solar Car Battery Charger 05:21
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8. Reolink Go 03:35
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9. Gaard One 02:13
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Running a 5000btu air conditioner on Harbor Freight solar panels?

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in this video I test out a 5000 BTU air conditioner with 150 watts of Harbor Freight solar panels, 352 amp hours of deep cycle batteries, and a power inverter to demonstrate how well you can run a 5000 BTU air conditioner on this equipment. Off Grid air conditioning.

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