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Unbelievable Renewable Energy Projects are Now Growing and Expanding From Deserts To Main Cities

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Xcel Energy to increase use of renewable energy.
Sea of solar panels turns Mexican desert green.
Collapsed coal factories turned into solar power plants in north China.
It’s Elon Musk vs. Warren Buffett in the Fight for the Future of Solar.
‘Solar City Seoul,’ the future of solar energy in S. Korea.
Masdar Says It’s Expanding Renewable Projects in Middle East, North Africa.
Solar panels installed at Dakin’s Leverett Adoption Center.
Tokyo to Build Eco-Friendly Solar Roads.

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Testing Enphase IQ7x with PowerPhase100 pllus Solar Cellphone Charging Truck

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In this episode we test the ENphase IQ7x grid-tied microinverter and 96 cell Panasonic panels to determine if they can be used to charge Tesla Battery Modules using our 12kW off-grid inverter to provide the necessary 60Hz sinusoidal waveform.

We also introduce a new project to outfit our 1990 Volkswagen Dopplekabine pickup truck with Tesla Drive Unit to serve as a Solar Electric Smartphone charging station for an upcoming local music event.