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5 INCREDIBLE Eco-Friendly Life Changing Inventions

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5 incredible inventions that could help preserve our planet and fight the pollution. Links down below, just click show more.
Part 2 –
0:00 – Leaf Plates –
1:44 – HomeBiogas –
4:17 – Edible Cutlery –
7:57 – TwiLight Solar Light – – Amazon link
10:21 – Drumi –


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Ten Eco Friendly Minimalist Life Hacks to Live By

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Ten Eco Friendly Minimalist Life Hacks to Live By

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Have you been trying to declutter and downsize your belongings? Have you been reading about the Konmari method but don’t know where to start? Here are ten simple life hacks to get you started on your minimalist journey. As an added bonus, these hacks are eco friendly and frugal.

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