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Carbon Footprint – Discovery Channel (GLOBAL WARMING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW )

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A video on carbon footprint produced by Discovery Channel, the BBC and NBC News Productions, and hosted by award-winning journalist Tom Brokaw. The international team of experts, including NASA’s top climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, and Princeton University professors Michael Oppenheimer and Stephen Pacala.

GLOBAL WARMING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW demonstrated how much carbon dioxide the average American family produces and presented a graphical timeline of global warming throughout history.

What is Carbon Emissions Trading?

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Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil or natural gas moves cars, produces electricity or heat. Unfortunately, it also generates carbon dioxide emissions, and drives climate change.

The European Union has decided to strongly reduce emissions. Obviously this should be done at the lowest costs to the firms and the people.

That is where the Emissions Trading comes into play:

The European Union fixes a carbon emissions target, then divides it into allowances, that each allow to emit one ton of CO2. These are now distributed to the firms. Now, for every ton of emissions, the firm needs to turn in one allowance. If it needs more or less, it can buy or sell them.

So there will be a market for allowances. A firm will now think twice before it emits carbon dioxide:
– If it is cheaper to avoid a ton of emissions and sell an allowance then the firm will do that.
– But also: The firm may choose to emit more and just buy an allowance if that increases profit.

Therefore, the firms will end up in a situation where they all face the same costs if they would want to avoid an additional ton of CO2.

That means: The cheap abatement options are used – and at the same time no firm is forced to use particularly expensive ways to reduce emissions as it can always buy allowances.

In other words: the economy has reached the emissions target in the cheapest way.

Green energy @ Electricity Tree by Mr. Michaud – Lariviere

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Electricity tree

A number of French engineers succeeded in developing a prototype ” wind tree . ” The tree is able to capture the wind that is processed into electricity . According to one of the pioneers , Mr. Michaud – Lariviere , wind tree is more simple and can be used in homes such as to turn on the LED lights . Citing Dailymail , Sunday ( 30/11 ) , this wind tree shape resembles a plastic tree planted in the yard . ” The leaves are green ” was later that works capture winds are blowing . ” Trees ” will be sold in the market in 2015 .

Carbon Footprint | Causes | Consequences

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A carbon footprint is defined as: The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Currently humans have been interfering in nature’s carbon cycle which is resulting in harmful consequences. We need to control this or else we all have to pay for this one day.