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GEAR | Eco-Friendly Toys Worth the Green! $$$

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Can you go green without spending all your green? Lizzy and Cindy investigate. Subscribe to WUM for fun, helpful videos at 9 AM ET!

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Products Featured:

Tegu Magnetic Blocks $34.99

Eco Kids Eco Dough – 6 colors for $20.99

Green Toys
Cupcakes $19.99

Helicopter $14.52

Hape Wooden Fruit – $14.84

Grimm’s 6 piece Rainbow Stacker $42.95

Honeysticks – $22.99

Hape Scoot Around Bike $49.38

Plan Toys Dollhouse Tote & Go – $80.00

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Gadget Inventions To Help You Go Green

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Gadget Inventions To Help You Go Green

***Best Eco Friendly Gadgets Review:

Best Eco Friendly Gadgets List:
1. Home Biogas 2.0 15:56
Amazon link:

2. Flow 13:27
Amazon link:

3. Grow & Discover 11:56
Amazon Link:

4. Nest Thermostat 10:24
Amazon link:

5. Estream 08:19
Amazon link:

6. FinalStraw 06:45
Amazon link:

7. LIGHTORS 04:24
Amazon Link:

8. GoSun 03:24
Amazon link:

9. Drumi 01:40
Amazon link:

10. Pokito 00:29
Amazon link:

***Portable Solar Power:
***Gardening Gadget Inventions:
***Part 1:
***Part 2:
***Part 3:
***Cordless Hedge Trimmers:
***DIY Woodworking Tools:
***Construction Tool Innovations:
***Fishing Gadget:
***Portable Water Filters & Purifiers:
***Camping Stoves:
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