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UAE Ecological Footprint Animation- English

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In 2006, the Living Planet Report ranked the UAE as having the highest per capita Ecological Footprint in the world. In response, the Al Basma Al Beeiyah Initiative was launched in October 2007 by a partnership comprising the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW), the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi’s AGEDI (Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative) programme, the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF), and the Global Footprint Network (GFN). The aim of the Initiative was to work together to better understand the Ecological Footprint of the UAE, and monitor consumption patterns in the country.

Cap And Trade – Carbon Offset – Carbon Footprint – Climate Change – Carbon Scam – Pollution Scam

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Watch this entertaining video to understand how the cap n trade bill, the carbon offset etc. works. Its all a big scam that makes the poor and those who pollute LESS, pay MORE!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint On Your Next Surf Trip | SURFER Magazine: Surf Hacks Ep. 3

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Episode 3 of Surf Hacks with Kyle Thiermann, showing how to reduce your surf trip’s carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint Animation

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This animation is created by GHAFRI, with the help of baraa, we shared Ideas. However, this animation is done for the same project for different classes in our school on how to reduce carbon footprint and help protect out environment.
I hope you guys learned that we need to act before its too late, we have a choice and chance to make things right, to have healthy and safe environment.
This was created in 3 days 😉

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