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Bicycle Generator DC Generator Green Energy ELECTRIC BIKE DIY HYBRID

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This is a 24 volt Bicycle Generator attached to a bike. Permanent Magnet Motor.

How we can turn the cold of outer space into a renewable resource | Aaswath Raman

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What if we could use the cold darkness of outer space to cool buildings on earth? In this mind-blowing talk, physicist Aaswath Raman details the technology he’s developing to harness “night-sky cooling” — a natural phenomenon where infrared light escapes earth and heads to space, carrying heat along with it — which could dramatically reduce the energy used by our cooling systems (and the pollution they cause). Learn more about how this approach could lead us towards a future where we intelligently tap into the energy of the universe.

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Green energy @ Electricity Tree by Mr. Michaud – Lariviere

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Electricity tree

A number of French engineers succeeded in developing a prototype ” wind tree . ” The tree is able to capture the wind that is processed into electricity . According to one of the pioneers , Mr. Michaud – Lariviere , wind tree is more simple and can be used in homes such as to turn on the LED lights . Citing Dailymail , Sunday ( 30/11 ) , this wind tree shape resembles a plastic tree planted in the yard . ” The leaves are green ” was later that works capture winds are blowing . ” Trees ” will be sold in the market in 2015 .

Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy?

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In 2014 Burlington, Vermont became the first city in the United States to run on 100% Renewable Energy. But how do they actually do it? What’s their secret?

Thanks to Miguel Franco for helping to make this episode possible

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Neile Lunderville, Miro Weinberger, Mike Kanarick, Dave MacDonnell, Jon Clark and the Burlington Electric Department

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Pakistani Reaction On Why India is leader in green energy – AA Reactions

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Pakistani Reaction On Why India is leader in green energy.
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