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DIY How to Install Green Energy Efficient Garage Door Hinges Green Hinge System Weather Seal

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This video walks through the process of installing Green Hinge System’s energy efficient garage door hinges. The unique design creates a better seal between garage door panels and garage door weather seals. This Green Hinge System helps to insulate your garage door by creating a better weather seal on your garage door. These spring loaded hinges also reduce the amount of rattle and overall noise that is generated when opening and closing a garage door.

Most efficient Solar Cells and Panels in 2018

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In this video the most efficient solar cells tested in the lab are listed as well as the most efficient panels available in the market.

The list includes all major PV technologies such as crystalline silicon, organic solar cells, Multi-junction solar cells, Cd Te, Ga As and Pervoskite etc.

It should be noted that NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) updates the well known efficiency chart for PV lab efficiencies every 6 months. The values listed here in are referenced from the NREL efficiency chart and from own research. The chart can be referenced from the following link:

Note that efficiency noted in the lab will always be higher than practical efficiency.

Ways Everyone Can be More Eco-Friendly & Save Money | Ellesse

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This is a video on some simple ways that everyone should adopt if they haven’t already to help and planet and be more environmentally friendly!

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