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This video is all about what I do in order to travel as minimal & as eco-friendly as I can. 🙂

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Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration SIDDHIVINAYAK MAKHAR By UTSAVI

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Utsavi presents,
Siddhivinayak Makhar

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Sawantwadi- 9168531173
Kolhapur- 9420891002/ 787722722
Satara- 9822751268
Nashik- 9371162054

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Top 10 Amazing Outdoor Solar Powered Gadgets | Part-2

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Best Solar Gadgets Review:
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The solar charger converts light energy from sun into 12 volt DC electricity and transported to rechargeable batteries. The charger will generate electricity current to trickle charge battery as long as thee is sufficient sunlight available.
Best Solar Gadgets List:
1. SolarGaps 16:49
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2. BioLite SolarHome 620 15:38
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3. Jackery Portable Power Station 14:10
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4. LunaR 12:07
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5. SolSource Sport 09:55
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6. RokPak 07:46
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7. SUNER POWER Solar Car Battery Charger 05:21
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8. Reolink Go 03:35
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9. Gaard One 02:13
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10. Halo 00:22
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Top 10 Eco Friendly Cities in the Wolrld (Part 2)

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Cities
Many countries and city governments have been taking action in order to clean up the messes of the past. Ecology has become one of the major philosophies in all societies, as we, as a people, have a goal to leave the Earth for our descendants in a better state than when we found it. If we can follow the example set by these Top 10 Eco-Friendly Cities of the world, we’ll be well on our way to sustaining Earth for many more generations to come.

5. San Francisco, United States
San Francisco used to be a capital city of the Hippy movement, but it would be wrong to say that this is the only reason this city is one of the greenest around the globe and the most ecological in North America. This city was the first in the United States to introduce the coloured bins recycling system to homes and workplaces, making recycling easy and accessible, and more importantly — legally obligatory. The fantastic public transport system and government’s encouragement for people to use more electric cars also helped San Francisco to be one of the eco-friendliest cities in the world.
4. Singapore
The greenest city in Asia also sets a good example when it comes to dealing with environmental issues. Singapore’s huge, revolutionary public transport system is what gave the city the green title. Moreover, the number of water wastage in Singapore is remarkably smaller when comparing it to Asia’s average number. If the average Asian index of water waste is 380kg per person, then Singapore’s is approximately 300kg. In addition to that, every household in this city can easily recycle due to the widely distributed recycling containers.
3. Curitiba, Brazil
Believe it or not, the Brazilian city of Curitiba is one of the eco-friendliest in the world, and surely the most ecological place in Latin America. The residents of Curitiba boast an amazing 70% recycling rate of the city’s waste. Also, Curitiba achieved the greenest city award by developing one of the biggest bus and public transport systems in the region. Moreover, the city’s government works hard to make the world a greener place by planting more than 1 million trees around the streets and highways.
2. Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki is another city that’s leading the world in beautiful design and eco-friendliness. In 2012, the city was named the World Design Capital due to its sustainable developments, complex and green energy systems, and its efficient public transportation systems. In terms of citywide landscaping, the way the people of Helsinki have maintained their gorgeous city is a testament to their taste and eco-initiative.
1. Copenhagen, Denmark
Due to its eco-innovation and sustainable employment initiatives, Copenhagen is consistently ranked as the number one ecologically advanced city in the world. Considering the city intends to be carbon-neutral by 2025, it’s likely that the city will retain their spot at the top for many years. With its many bike paths and clean, cobbled streets, Copenhagen isn’t just green, it’s also beautifully landscaped too.

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Natural Looking Flower Pot From Coconut Husk | Eco-friendly & Organic pot DIY Garden //GREEN PLANTS

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Natural Looking Flower Pot From Coconut Husk | Eco-friendly & Organic pot Diy Garden //GREEN PLANTS
coconut husk and turn it into an organic planter for flower and small plants.Coconuts Eco friendly diy ideas


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Bougainvillea Bonsai;

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