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A Large Solar Storm to Hit Earth in 24 hours & Comet 21P closest approach in 72 Years!

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This week, some unusual things will be happening up in the heavens. According to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, it is being projected that a large solar storm will hit our planet on September 7th. Three days later, Comet 21P is going to make the closest approach to Earth that we have seen in 72 years. And all of this is happening during the same week as the important prophetic Biblical festival known as the Feast of Trumpets. Some are speculating that these “signs in the heavens” could be intended to communicate something to us. But is anyone out there paying attention?

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What’s Your Carbon Footprint? – Earth 101

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(Visit: All of us contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. But there are ways to reduce our carbon emissions. How we travel, what we eat, what we consume and what we discard are just some of the factors that contribute to our carbon footprint. Louis S. Santiago, an assistant professor of physiological ecology at the University of California, Riverside, explains how we can measure our impact on our climate. He argues that we can all do something to reduce our carbon footprint. Series: “Earth 101: What You Need to Know About Life on our Planet” [9/2012] [Science] [Show ID: 24208]

NASA discovers a mysterious structure at the edge of the Solar System

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NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft may have seen a strange and mysterious structure at the edge of our solar system and deep space.

Scientists believe that the probe could have glimpsed a huge wall of hydrogen located on the edge of our space neighborhood. The UV spectrometer “Alice” of the ship has detected an ultraviolet brightness, which researchers believe may come from this excess of hydrogen.

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Gadget Inventions To Help You Go Green

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Gadget Inventions To Help You Go Green

***Best Eco Friendly Gadgets Review:

Best Eco Friendly Gadgets List:
1. Home Biogas 2.0 15:56
Amazon link:

2. Flow 13:27
Amazon link:

3. Grow & Discover 11:56
Amazon Link:

4. Nest Thermostat 10:24
Amazon link:

5. Estream 08:19
Amazon link:

6. FinalStraw 06:45
Amazon link:

7. LIGHTORS 04:24
Amazon Link:

8. GoSun 03:24
Amazon link:

9. Drumi 01:40
Amazon link:

10. Pokito 00:29
Amazon link:

***Portable Solar Power:
***Gardening Gadget Inventions:
***Part 1:
***Part 2:
***Part 3:
***Cordless Hedge Trimmers:
***DIY Woodworking Tools:
***Construction Tool Innovations:
***Fishing Gadget:
***Portable Water Filters & Purifiers:
***Camping Stoves:
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Eco-Friendly Products To Help Reduce Your Waste

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Hi world!
My name is Shelbi.
HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! In this video I have partnered with 5 Etsy shops to show you their products and how they can help you reduce your waste. You will also learn some stats about how wasteful we are in the U.S and how you can do your part to combat it.

Reusable Bag – ShopMeeschmosh

Utensil Set – ReelRed

Reusable Make-Up Removers – CreeksideKid

Other Options:

Custom Water Bottle – SnappyPrinting

Rainbow Peace Sign Sleeve – CuppaStitches

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