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DIY How to Install Green Energy Efficient Garage Door Hinges Green Hinge System Weather Seal

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This video walks through the process of installing Green Hinge System’s energy efficient garage door hinges. The unique design creates a better seal between garage door panels and garage door weather seals. This Green Hinge System helps to insulate your garage door by creating a better weather seal on your garage door. These spring loaded hinges also reduce the amount of rattle and overall noise that is generated when opening and closing a garage door.

24v solar generator inside, 400w in solar panels on DIY backyard stand

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Happy 2017! In this video, I moved the 24v solar generator into my living room and the two folding solar panels to the backyard (400w total). I built a lean-to rack out of spare Unistrut (Superstrut) channels. I also sunk a 4′ long grounding rod into the dirt near the patio. Everything works! The batteries are two 12v Trojan 31 AGM “Overdrive” deep cycle batteries. They are great!
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Bicycle Generator DC Generator Green Energy ELECTRIC BIKE DIY HYBRID

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This is a 24 volt Bicycle Generator attached to a bike. Permanent Magnet Motor.

Natural Looking Flower Pot From Coconut Husk | Eco-friendly & Organic pot DIY Garden //GREEN PLANTS

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Natural Looking Flower Pot From Coconut Husk | Eco-friendly & Organic pot Diy Garden //GREEN PLANTS
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1000watt solar power station

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4-16-2014 :OK – thanks for all the comments and views…..here are some answers for the frequent questions…. The panels are Helios usa made 255 watt model x 4 cost about 2,000 w shipping. The Aims inverter is recommended for 700+ $ -its still working- and I MOVED IT INTO THE CABIN away from the batteries…..yes the battery box is well vented at the back. It almost never freezes around here……even water ….let alone battery acid…..some places in the country will get that cold …. but not here. The total cost with lumber batteries and a cheap charge regulator was 3,800. It was build AFTER I found out how much the cabin needed. There is no need to overbuild when money is an issue. It works great and only ran out of power once. Thanks again for all the views.