Sustainable Bras & Underwear | eco-friendly & fair fashion

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I get so many questions about this topic, so I hope you find this video helpful!

There are some great conscious brands (and more are starting up!) but finding eco-friendly and ethically made lingerie can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for specific styles or non-standard sizes. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t forget about longevity and care with any garment (eco brand or not) as a way to have a greener wardrobe!

Brands mentioned:
Blue Canoe (US)
Luva Huva * (UK)
Comazo | earth (GER)
Woron * (DM)

Aikyou (GER)
Brook There (US)
Anek. (GER, SWE)
Naja (US)
Nico (AUS)

Other brands not mentioned:
Ayten Gasson (UK)
Baserange (FR)
Do You Green (FR)
Hessnatur (GER)
LaGirafeBleue (CAN)
Only Hearts (US)
Pansy (US)
Style Saint (US)
Svala (US)
Uye Surana (US) – also offers custom sizes

Swedish Stockings also has eco-friendly pantyhose

Thanks for watching!

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21 thoughts on “Sustainable Bras & Underwear | eco-friendly & fair fashion

  1. What brand is the strapless bra? Thanks for this video btw! Of all clothing it’s been sooooo difficult to find eco conscious bon toxic bras! Esp if you have a out of ordinary size!

  2. I never thought about the undies! I usually buy at Ross which is an american discount/overstock store. It seems you are keeping them from the landfill, as this was what was left over from the previous seasons. I find my hard to fit sizes and found Calvin Klein fits me the best so I dig through. But glad to have the resources for quality sustainable underwear. I wash in cold and line dry on a hanger over my shower bar, like all of my other clothes these days. I use a compact/travel type washer. My clothes and undies lasts a long time this way.

  3. PACT has really great basics, I haven't gotten any of their bralettes, but their underwear is 95% GOTS certified organic cotton and 5% elastane. Everything is manufactured in safe factories that are child labor free–and it's all pretty cheap given that the company isn't satanic.

  4. I purchased a Naja bra and I’m sad to report that the fit was bad for me and I’m going to have to pay $8 in return shipping that will not be refunded. I was so hopeful and feel so disappointed with them.

  5. hi, I have been looking into some organic brands, but the problem is that I don't really like ordering these things online because I prefere to try them on first. How can you be sure that it's the right size? I have been looking on the sizecharts on the websites, but I don't know.. normally I have a 75C and now all at ones a 75A..? Any ideas or tips?

    Love your channel by the way 😉

  6. Re Do You Green:

    For over a month now I have been trying to reach this company – my package has been trapped in US customs due to missing paperwork (to be provided by the company). I have repeatedly tried email, facebook, and leaving a review through their main website and have received no response (minus an auto response via FB messenger). I was excited about the product and company ethos, but at this point can only STRONGLY encourage individuals to steer clear unless you want to simply give them your money. I simply want the product I ordered or a refund (Do You Green team PLEASE attend to your consumer contacts!!).

  7. Rewatched this after your IG post and Naja is a godsend! I've been searching for an affordable nude bra that would be actually be nude on dark skin and theirs is under $50! Will be ordering soon.

  8. Thanks so much for this video! I saw it months ago and now that I'm in need of new undies – I'm re-watching. I am a 100% molded bra woman, that being said: I'm not entirely ready to not have a molded bra but I'd like to try one… could anyone speak to this "transition" process? I feel I'll be very self conscious, I wear a 32D, so they aren't that big but I'm concerned about nipples, and maybe less shape in t-shirts. Thanks for your help!

  9. I really like AIKYOU and have two of their bra(lette)s. The only thing to know is that the colours don't show up to their true colour on their photos imho but are a bit darker. And I've been eyeing one bra from Anek for a long time now… ^^

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