SOLAR SYSTEM COMPLETE! My Tesla Installation Part 3

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SOLAR SYSTEM COMPLETE! My Tesla Installation Part 3
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Installation complete! The Powerwall is finally paired with an 18-panel solar array. Now I just need to wait for inspection and approval to turn it all on!

Part 1 – Main Panel Upgrade:
Part 2 – Powerwall Installation:

This video is NOT sponsored or endorsed by Tesla or Solarcity. I am documenting this installation as a paying customer.

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44 thoughts on “SOLAR SYSTEM COMPLETE! My Tesla Installation Part 3

  1. Regarding that ridge vent they installed for you, make sure you have a continuous soffit vent and seal your gable vents if you have them. Better yet, though, just encapsulate your attic in HDPU foam.

  2. Could you do a video detailing the installation of the Tesla Powerwall 2, specifically showing the wiring and installation of the Tesla Backup Gateway, Main Distribution Panel and the Tesla?

  3. Good video. Been working with a Tesla solar energy advisor now and he is asking for a referral code if I want an extra 5 years warranty. What code should I give? I clicked your link but it opened the Tesla ordering website but didn't generate a code.

  4. Man, it would be nice if tesla and/or solarcity to have a branch here in the philippines, but that would not be possible now because this is not that in demand here in the philippines.

  5. You didnt like the Solar shingles? Im only asking out of curiosity because it was something I was considering. Also, if you ever go on your roof for something dont step on those ridge vents 🙂

  6. Buy 2 bags of soil from home depot, spread it evenly over grass, water once a week for ten minutes around 2 in the morning. There you go I just fixed your backyard for you.

  7. In Australia a PV system will cost around $AU 1100 per kW fully installed and connected (about $US 900?)
    Average new installation is around 6 kW.
    How does that compare?

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