Solar-Powered Expedition to the South Pole?!

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Today, Zac talks to Edwin ter Velde, Captain & Founder of Clean 2 Antarctica! Edwin is going on a Solar-Powered Expedition to the South Pole!

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38 thoughts on “Solar-Powered Expedition to the South Pole?!

  1. If you’re tired of wasting plastic, use mason jars. They seal better and work better than plastic containers in your refrigerator and freezer.
    (Maybe we should take all our take all our plastic wrappers back to the grocery stores as a way of protesting.)

  2. Need batteries to keep from tipping over.
    You need some way of defrosting the window or they will freeze over.
    Extra battery would be great in case a storm hits/panel cracks/solar isn't enough at some points in the day.
    If its windy enough to tip over the train… its too windy for people to get out and lift it back up…batteries/supplies would keep it from tipping over.
    Keep batteries in the cabin near the floor for heat.
    Is there enough room to stand in there? "just stand outside in the -50 degree weather." sure.
    You are def going to need some dark glasses so you don't burn your retinas and a hard drive full of podcasts to be entertained for a month of driving.
    Maybe a constant throttle would help, no need to have your foot on a pedal the whole time.
    Also if the panels are snow covered the batteries would give extra time to clear them when conditions are more favorable. Im guessing you are going to fill a trailer full of water… that is not enough solar to melt snow/heat the cabin/run GPS communications and drive… unless you have battery storage.
    Also hoped you though about the human waste problem and I guess your not going to shower for a month.

  3. You should send a link of this video to the UK’s “Daily Mail” newspaper editor. They have an ongoing campaign about plastic waste at the moment. I am sure they will feature this story in their newspaper. You should also contact Robert Llewellyn on the “Fully Charged” YouTube channel.

  4. Very inspiring to see how a problem can be turned solution by anyone. I'd like to have such a positive impact on the world myself one day. I will definitely be donating to them. Thank you

  5. There is no chance against climate change. I've been studying this since 2006 and here is the problem: Population. Imagine if 30 years ago you were born in a 2 bedroom house that you could not leave, with 4 other people who were all addicted to breeding. Over the course of the last 30 years, 2 more people were born in the house who also cannot leave, who are also addicted to breeding. Now there are 7 of you living in there. In 10 years, 2 more people are born in the house. Why are 2 more born in the house??! Great question. It's because everyone in the house is addicted to breeding. 9 people will be living in your house which is designed to hold 2. BTW, 7 out of 9 of them do not know or care how clean the house is.

  6. That just means that our governments are made of stupid and bought off people by corporations. That is what we need to change also. Imagine a bunch of Elon Musks type of people in our governments…. Just imagine…

  7. The key is going the right time. During the December solstice, Antarctica has continuous sunlight for several days. Also, cold temperatures and reflection from the snow will boost power output. Their biggest hazzard is the terrain.

  8. I once had someone tell me I was naive to think the world's problems could be solved. I was astounded that this highly intelligent person was so closed off to new solutions and then I see a video like this and laugh out loud, because regular people are doing astounding things, and making major moves just because they know something has to be done. God bless and safe journey. Just attempting this has changed the thinking and decisions of many who will work to make our problems tomorrows solutions.

  9. There is no way that this design could work in heavy storm weather. They could avoid some turbulence by measuring the wind speed and automatically make the panels go into "T" position but this "T" design just seems not that aerodynamic.

  10. WOW! Pretty awesome people..
    Huge respect!

    I love that quote… (actually wrote it down)

    History changes through small steps, crazy ideas.
    Star small, start today.
    Become the captain of your life.

    Nicely put together too. Really interesting watch. Cheers…

  11. Like to add an idea. Install an outrigger to the sides of the trailers on both sides that retracts and can be moved out to push against the snow to stabilize it during a wind storm…

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