6 thoughts on “Solar panels aren’t stopping high power bills

  1. My July/August bill was $355 for a 1000sqft condo! I thought someone committed fraud because of the amount of money that was snatched from my account… but nope it was the friggin electric bill!! 26% within the next 3years?!? I’m moving back to Texas before that… but that’s absolutely ridiculous!!

  2. I don't know how this is possible. Looks like the panels and inverter are functioning. Her smart meter was showing energy generation. Sounds like the power company goofed on the bill. I only spent $11,000 on solar and my power company owes me a lot of kWh. I haven't paid a bill for years (other than a small nominal monthly fee for the service).

  3. I use to live on my boats in Coronado and A-8 anchorage with 2 solar panels and there were no extra costs or any elec bills.. SDGE is totally abusing people on land and should be criminal in knowing that their so called "smart" meters are simply designed to extort people for power.

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