Solar panel car to go on sale in 2019

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A German start-up is in the final stages of developing a charging system for an all-electric vehicle with solar panels to top up the battery as you drive.…

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24 thoughts on “Solar panel car to go on sale in 2019

  1. Germany = kings of cars, this German company should be very carefully from oil petroleum companies, they may send someone to finish you off, as this is going to make oil companies have heart attack, big shock very bad news for oil companies.

  2. "Topping up the battery as you drive", lets do some back of the napkin math and see how well that claim stands up to physical reality.Lets assume this car has a similar battery capacity as a standard Tesla model S which claims 85 kWh at at full charge.
    Lets also assume there's 2 square meters of solar panels on the car working at an unprecedented 25 percent efficiency which is quite generous as no such solar panel exists on the commercial market.
    Lets also assume that we're sitting on the equator and the sky is perfectly clear.

    We're receiving the optimal amount of energy from the sun which is 1kWh at 2 square meters and 25 percent efficiency that comes out 0,5 kWh.
    That's 0,56 percent of the battery power, or put it in another way – the battery life is extended by 1,41 percent.

    Here in lies the problem with so called "news" agencies such as euronews reporting on hyped up tech news.
    They never do any analysis of the subject, there's virtually ZERO objective asessment.
    The fact is that the solar panel in this case is a gimmic. It's pure hype. Marketing wank to the N'th degree designed to throw fancy buzzwords at people who don't know any better in order to sell a product that quite frankly doesn't deliver what it promises.

    YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY euro"news"! Not to just read the manufacturers pressrelease verbatim!
    News media has three functions. To Inform. To educate. To hold those in power responsible.
    Do you inform? Barely.
    Did you educate? Hell no.
    Did you hold the marketing wank people responsible for their BS? No.
    That's half a point out of 3. YOU are only working at a 16,6 percent recurring efficiency.
    Anywhere else, you'd get fired for being lazy.

  3. NOT buying this hype.

    1. Won't work well for large and heavy cars… or commercial trucks.

    2. Can't go far at night. Very limited range… even in daytime because panels cannot charge batteries faster than use.

    3. Manufacturing these fashionable vehicles requires very destructive resource extraction from the Earth… not to mention serious factory pollution.

    4. Recycling these battery powered, 'tin can cars' will certainly become an issue. Indeed! This is an issue with Prius and other battery powered cars.

  4. But why do they still look like bread loaf on wheels? There has to be a way to make them more sleek and ergonomic. Also to incorporate the cells onto the overall body and pigments for other colours ?

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