simpleshow explains the Carbon Footprint

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about climate change and how you should reduce your carbon footprint. But what’s that exactly? Just like an actual footprint, it’s a mark you leave upon the environment. No, not with your shoes but with every action that releases “Carbons”. Those are the harmful gases, such as Co2, which are pumped out by burning fossil fuels, like oil or gas. And the more fuel is used, the bigger your footprint will be. You may think that by driving your car, the only carbons you release come from the engine, but no. Consider the carbons that are emitted just to get fuel into the tank: From the energy needed to extract the oil from underground, the pollution caused by transportation and refinement, to the final delivery to your local petrol station. Not to mention the Co2 released by manufacturing your car in the first place. More than you thought, eh? So unless you live in a cave; you and everything you own has it’s own carbon footprint: Read a book — Printing and distributing it uses energy. Brush your teeth and your tools will have a history in a factory. Even something as basic as an apple could have travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles to end up in your local supermarket. You see, it’s pretty much impossible to leave no carbon footprint behind. But by thinking about your actions and personal choices, maybe you can make your feet just that little bit smaller and really help to put the boot into climate change.

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  1. Thanks for uploading this video my evs professor has given me the assignment called carbon footprint at first I was confused I was like what the hell is carbon footprint but after browsing through internet trying to find the meaning of carbon footprint I browsed some YOU tube videos and found your video it was really awesome i appreciate you have explained and elaborated it beautifully your video was worth watching thank you

  2. Maybe you should go,and present this to the world petroleum companies,and other bio destructors,who do much greater damage to our planet than any living individual!!!

  3. They sell us cars that only run on their product , And we are at fault?
    We are happily killing the earth little by little with tools they have provided us with.

  4. Carbon footprint & Global warming my ass. What a scam. You weakings are just a bunch of mind numb robots. Redistrbution of wealth on a global scale. That's all that crap is. Your just a bunch of low IQ stiffs.

  5. this video is for easily led naive leftards. PLANTS LOVE CARBON .the more of that ,water and sunshine they get,the more OXYGEN they produce.
    carbon credit is a big government scam aimed squarely at north americans ,while giving china(the worst polluter) and india a free pass.
    replacing commuter jets with bullet trains, allowing nuclear power plants to operate and installing electric chargers at fuel stations would be more than enough to bring us in line wiith many other modern nations without robbing us of our future.

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