23 thoughts on “Renewable Energy in Australia, 60 Minutes, NINE, 29/10/2017

  1. We should totally make our own battery. It's dumb we selling lithium to CHina and buy back the lithium we sold to them and buy the finished product at a much higher price. We need to invest in high tech industry.

  2. It's really the politics fault. Stupid government. We got plenty of fossil fuel, plenty of sunlight for solar, plenty of wind. It's politicians playing with our money, dumping millions down the toilet. We need rules to prevent fund wasting.

  3. Seems like the people against the idea of the battery are not relizing the point solar wind tidal power and geothermal energy would power homes during the day and the battery could keep power through the night and back up incase of drops in wind power etc. The combination of technologies would insure there is never a time power is not being collected the tide never stops and underground is always hot heating water to drive turbines and create more power so even when the sun doesn't shine and in Australia how often is that really.

  4. that is just sad to see a country like yours strugling like that with it's potential in renewable energy, that's why coruption it's one of the biggest enemy of our home ( planet )

  5. Lithium Ion batteries are a 50 year old invention. It sat on the shelf until there was a demand for a better battery created by smart phones. Its inventor Dr John Goodenough, already has its replacement in commercialization. Sodium Glass solid state. These new batteries will be 1/10th the cost to manufacture. Sodium is one of the most plentiful and cheapest resources we have. Testing proved 10x the lifespan, 3 times the capacity in traditional form factors. They can also charge fully in under 10 minutes. No toxic electrolytes, No chance of ever exploding. Also has only negligible power loss down to -30C as they have no fluids inside them. While the industry was skeptical of his claims German engineers have now successfully created and tested the first standard form 18650 cells from this technology.

  6. I remember all of the oil crises of my lifetime and there have been more than one and I knew there needed to be more than one energy supplier in the world! We need something to compete with fossil fuels and we need it now! I hope to see in my lifetime the world wide collapse of the oil and coal industries because renewable energy has become so cheap!

  7. Nice infotainment stuff like I like. I hate science & thinking & stuff. At 9:22 "keep the curtains shut…heat out". No. It isn't mostly heat entering, it's SWR during the day, not heat. Sun's surface temperature of 5,778 K emits SWR. It's Sun's SWR that goes through glass & then it's inside the house, too late. It heats the curtains. Curtain, house & almost all surface temperatures on Earth are too low to emit SWR frequencies, they emit LWR. Glass reflects LWR so the LWR off the curtains stays in the house. This effect is used in "greenhouses" as part of their warming effect. Curtains must be outside the window glass to keep out SWR energy (called "window shades" or "window blinds"). High-reflection bright-white curtains on the window-facing side inside would also do a good job though, or aluminium foil or a mirror facing outwards of the house could be inside of the window glass.

    I gather that hydrogen fuel cells didn't work out and liquid hydrogen density is too low, I assume. I don't have to time to review it all for a few months but there were once scientists & engineers who espoused hydrogen strongly as the future energy currency. Now it's all lithium ion instead of hydrogen oxidation. No hydrogen electrolysis<–>oxidation energy storage for Aussies.

  8. Why aren't they building battery factories? Quit asking China to do all the work, if you build the batteries and solar panels there you eliminate container ships. I am trying the same in Europe, we need to do the same in South and North America and Africa?

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