Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic

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There are many benefits to using renewable energy resources, but what is it exactly? From solar to wind, find out more about alternative energy, the fastest-growing source of energy in the world—and how we can use it to combat climate change.
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Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

24 thoughts on “Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic

  1. I'm always disappointed by how short the National Geographic videos are. There is so much more information to convey, and these always just seem like teasers. Not enough information to be of real value. 🙁

  2. Nothing is renewable. Everything will eventually succumb to entropy. You are all going to die, there is nothing you can do about it. Embrace the fact that life, death, existence is meaningless and has zero effect on the mechanics of the universe.

    Embrace nihilism.

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