Rating the Green Energy Act

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In an attempt to save the average Ontario household $2.45 per month on its hydro bill, the provincial government has cancelled the next phase of contracts for renewable energy generation. The Agenda examines what this decision says about the success of the Green Energy Act.

11 thoughts on “Rating the Green Energy Act

  1. in my view government's support for renewables should be devoted to R&D, primarily in providing tax cuts for companies that invest in creating new technologies. the simple truth is that renewable energy will never become widely adopted until the technology can match the efficiency and cost of fossil fuels. we need to break that technology barrier as quickly as possible. i dont like the idea of carbon taxes.

  2. this idea of a grid is outdated. home energy is poised for disruption. people will ditch the grid the same way they ditched their land line phones, their cable television, their cd players, and paying bills by licking a stamp and mailing a handwritten cheque.

  3. Biggest problem is the implementation. Renewables without storage is a joke. You just end up burning alot of pricey natural gas. The gov should have brought in people who know what the hell they were doing instead of letting the premiere dictate the direction of Ontario hydro.

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