Product Showcase: Powerfilm Solar Array

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Powerfilm Solar Panel – [email protected]:
PowerFilm Solar Panel – [email protected] (10 Pack):
PowerFilm Solar Panel – [email protected] w/PSA & Kynar:
PowerFilm Solar Panel – [email protected] w/PSA & Kynar (5 Pack):
PowerFilm Solar Panel – [email protected]:
PowerFilm Solar Panel – [email protected] (5 Pack):

Did you know you have a practically unlimited source of energy, half a day, fully available to power your project? These Powerfilm Solar Arrays offer power solutions that can be easily integrated with your electronics to provide you with solar recharging or direct powering methods! Even while bending and manipulating this solar panel, you will still be able to pull your full allotment of power from it.

15 thoughts on “Product Showcase: Powerfilm Solar Array

  1. How efficient, heat-resistant, easy to connect together, etc, are these panels? This is a lousy presentation which didn't showcase anything. And worse, the prices are waaaaaaaaaaaay through the roof.

  2. Guys, nice try, but sorry – killed by price and very low efficiency. Out of question. Face reality – the flexibility is not such big advantage to excuse this insane price. Did you even realize, that flexibility make sense only until some point? After than have no sense, because installation of very rounded panel mean cut off efficiency drastically down, because not whole surface facing evenly towards the sun. Besides, present affordable semi-flexible solar panels have performance around 13-16W per square foot, while your panel is ONLY around 3W per sq. foot! Forget it. I'm sorry but you are really out of reality.

  3. Come on Sparkfun! Your tanking hard, what happened to this company? 89.95 for a 200ma solar panel?
    You could just buy a 100 watt solar panel and run dozens of pi 3's.. Ugg you guys need to go back to your roots.

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