Paris residents outraged by new public eco-friendly urinals

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Ile-Saint-Louis is an upmarket, historic spot in the heart of Paris, right next to Notre Dame cathedral. Now, beside the 19th century poet Baudelaire’s picturesque townhouse, a bright red urinal has been installed, overlooking passing tourist boats. Its lack of discretion has caused uproar.

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33 thoughts on “Paris residents outraged by new public eco-friendly urinals

  1. Lol and India gets a bad rap for "poo in the loo". At least India can blame poverty, ignorance and lack of education. What's France's excuse, I smell a Jewish government official the same ones that love refugees or maybe it's just the compost.

  2. Large sections of Paris already smells like an open air urinal (excepting for the winter months) so why bother with this ludicrous device. One wonder how you wash your hands afterwards, or do you discretely uninate on your hands to clean them. In comparison with Hong Kong, Singapore or the majority of Countries in the Far East this makes France on a par with the 3rd World.

  3. France has lost its beauty and decent culture. The present government leaders lost their mind not caring the French people but the migrants coming in. French people must act before it‘s too late think about the future of your children.

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