Our Green Wedding | eco-friendly, budget-friendly & DIY

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Some of the things we did to try and cut down on the environmental impact of our wedding 4 years ago and also a few things I would do differently now.

There are so many ways to have a more eco-friendly wedding or event, and I would love to hear your ideas, tips, and thoughts in the comments!

Time-stamps for specific topics:
0:59 venue
1:49 invitations
2:08 food – vegetarian & vegan buffet
3:45 drinks
5:01 wedding dress
6:52 bridesmaid’s dresses
7:14 rings
7:41 make-up & hair
8:21 flowers
9:56 decorations – DIY & secondhand
11:09 activities
11:27 gifts
12:47 photography

Photos by Ryan & Beth Photography

Our favourite charity, the David Suzuki Foundation

A change I would make is sending digital invitations, you can save paper, energy, and also money! I really like Greenvelope’s card and invite designs, the also have helpful features like maps and RSVP tracking *

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42 thoughts on “Our Green Wedding | eco-friendly, budget-friendly & DIY

  1. Hi, love this video! We are a small slow fashion studio in the Netherlands and make ethical and eco (bridal) clothes. But also sell the fabrics and can help with the fitting if a friend or mother makes the dress. We only use organic, cruelty free, fair materials. Or we use recycled materials. We can dye the outfit before of after your wedding with plantdyes. If we buy new materials we are always looking for the best ethical solution we can find. Using the clothes again is a big part of the whole design proces. We make the clothes in parts and layers. In that way you can wear all the parts even the underwear (like a nice simple peace silk or organic cotton slipdress and the top with lace) styled differently later. We know people always change a bit in weight so we have solutions for that, like extra wide seams or we could change the outfit later with an other solution. Because we want to pay the people who help us also a fair minimal wage it is not a cheap solution (if you decide to let our studio make your dress/outfit) but if you can do it yourself or someone you know, you could learn a lot and have a lot of fun. Just start in time! This video is very inspiring, I am looking in the Netherlands for more ethical small businesses for flowers and make-up to help bride here to make ethical choices. I hope you do not see this as an unwanted selfpromotion, if so just let me know. I am just so exited about the many ideas we have and think it is pretty hard to find solutions if you want to live this life style. It is my passion to show there are more solutions than going for the dirty fashion industrie.

  2. Film photography is not eco-friendly, at least not in my experience. Aside from the obvious part, the materials (film also contains gelatin- not vegetarian) it actually uses A LOT of water. I used to think it was neat but after I took a photography class in high school that was film-only, I became pretty disenchanted with it.

  3. We registered at Flight Center. We went on a beautiful honeymoon to Portugal. Everyone was so supportive and kept saying “I wish I had known you could register for flights, I would have done it for my wedding!”

  4. I have the same opinion about gifts!! I want people to give money for the honeymoon instead of stuff (that i really don't want). Well, I'm 21 but if I get married I'll definitely do that.
    Love your video <3

  5. We wanted to have a small wedding, which we kind of had. Our budget was very short and even if we had the money, we wouldn´t spend so much in a wedding, and since I´m Mexican and we had to move from Mexico to the US suddenly, my family couldn´t make it, which took away some of the meaning and sentimentalism from me…but my husband´s family pushed to have something more "fancy" and more to fulfill their idea of what they expected from this wedding, they didn´t respect some of the things we did not want, like the cake hahahahaha. Anyways, for me is not a moment to remember so well. BUT, we did find the way of getting some things done our way: I made my dress, decoration was some dream catchers made from local Native Americans and a big one that I made for the ceremony, we use the Imperial March from Star Wars instead of the typical one (This seriously rocked the wedding haha) Anyways, I like the way you managed this event, you looked so beautiful!

  6. I loved this video so much and your wedding looked beautiful!! I especially love the multi-purposing of home-grown bouquets, your rings, and the cash bar for charity! If I had to plan my wedding over again I would definitely make more eco-friendly decisions. I'm glad I can advise future brides on great tips like this in the future!

  7. This reminds me of my wedding. Lots of things that you've mentioned are things that we also did: choosing a beautiful location so there was no need for decoration etc. Our tables were minimally decorated with white table cloths and large silver candelabras in the middle (no flowers).
    What was great also was that the location that we chose were the ones who provided all of the items, from tableware to chairs, candelabras, food, music etc. That way we literally didn't purchase anything and everything was rented.
    I hadn't even heard of zero waste at the time, but now I'm pretty proud of what we managed to achieve without knowing. It's so nice to know that your wedding didn't produce any waste 😊

  8. Loved this video – thank you for sharing! Your wedding photos are just gorgeous. We are planning our wedding for later this year, so this has been wonderful insight. I love your idea of cutting down on travel. We'll be doing the same thing – almost all the people we are inviting are in France, so the two of us are travelling to them instead of asking everyone to come to us (Australia)! Much more environmentally-friendly, and just logical too! 🙂

  9. I am in the process of planning my wedding… and I live in Edmonton Alberta! This video was helpful I loved the idea of donating the loonie bar funds to your favorite charity- what a great idea!

  10. +MyGreenCloset We also chose a pay bar at our wedding but not for the same reason.  We felt if people had to pay they'd be less likely to drink heavily and drive and we were right.  We too got some flack but if it saved even 1 life it was worth it.  We also had a friend (former bouncer) who would have called a cab for anyone who appeared to have had too much to drink.

  11. Loved hearing about your beautiful wedding! I have been enjoying your videos a lot the past days since finding your channel. Being inspired to get some new ones up and touch upon ethical fashion amongst other things myself.

    2 weeks after my own wedding we were actually moving to were you're from, as such we asked people not to give big gifts or things we couldn't bring into Canada.
    We also got married outside, actually on the beach where I grew up, and had a very simple wedding that we planned in 2,5 weeks! I think we might also need to make a video about that and how to approach sustainability in such short time frame! 🙂

  12. Your wedding was STUNNING! I think everything was lovely….. Donating to your favorite charity as well, oh this video took my breath away…… Everything , everything was just lovely. I'm so impressed! 🙌🏼

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