My $1500 Introduction to SOLAR panels

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34 thoughts on “My $1500 Introduction to SOLAR panels

  1. You dont seal the top where the screws are, you need to seal under the panels too, you will get water in running under the panel as well as the top, at least you sealed the top but need to think about the bottom too, either way i hope your landlord does not watch this video otherwise woohoo i am sure hed be pissed.

  2. Wow.. I just recently subscribed here and found many of your Vlogs very fascinating.. I've been looking for more DIY solutions for my homes in Maryland and in SoCal.. Didn't realize they made panels that roll out like this. Looking into this.. thank you

  3. Where's the video with him showing us how to use a UPS as an inverter? He said the next video, but that was live, and he just talked a little about UPS

  4. i live in the northeast, and we lose power in my neighborhood with serious storms a few times a year. i run a generator when that happens, and i installed an interlock on the main breaker, so i don't charge the line to the street. it occurs to me (i love what you are doing by the way) that you are also charging the line to the street i assume. so if local power needs to discharge the mains circuit you are on, you will backfeed to the street with your setup ? have you thought through how that should work ?

  5. Hi Jehu, how do you ensure the packs are balanced with each other?
    I bought 50 packs last year for an EV setup and I've had a few of them go bad. I am considering using them for a powerwall instead because I did have them setup as 72v for the EV but I how do I unsure they dont continue to go bad?

  6. Jehu… 1500 for solar… is NOTHING… I dropped 3k on the panels, 1k on mounting (i went WAY overboard…) 3k on an inverter and 1k on the charge controller…

  7. Your house looks a lot like Pauls Hardware. Did he help you. Just kidding.

    Thanks for the info on the power wall diy and how you can dabble in this homestead stuff. SHTF
    or just plain old back up stuff.

    Love it

  8. HI, love your channel, lots of great insight. Here's a question for you: I have a 120V AC/1500w 2500gph Sump Pump that must run off grid with solar power and leave a little extra for electronics that will monitor the quality of water. It will be installed in Maracaibo, Venezuela, very very sunny (scorching, actually) all year-round, very dry, hardly any rain, consistent weather throughout the year ranging from 30 to 40 degrees centigrade. Any recommendations? Keep up the great work!!

  9. I wish your description provided more details about the video than the usual links to buy stuff. Makes your channel look so commercialized and not connected to the audience at all.

  10. When you do your hard framed panel's since you don't own the place . Build a stand so you can put them at ground level and put them in a sunny spot in your back yard. I live off the grid and I do it this way.You can even make it so you chase the sun on the cheap do it manually

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