Mounting Solar Panels to Your Van

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This how to video goes through the steps to mount solar panels directly to the roof of your vehicle. Next video showing how to bring the wires through the roof and wiring your solar panel COMING SOON! Let me know how you like the video and what you want to see next in the comments below.

Here are the links to some products used in the video, the nuts, bolts, and washers were bought at Home Depot.
200 Watt Solar Panels
Clear Silicone

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I am located in Huntington Beach, California and custom build everything from scratch here in the shop. Please don’t comment on my videos asking pricing and dimensions for everything. For more information email me [email protected] with what your thinking of getting built, along with photos/drawing for me to get an idea.
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9 thoughts on “Mounting Solar Panels to Your Van

  1. Hate to say but that's going to leak. I've restored enough campers/trailers to know. 1. Clean metal surfaces with rubbing alcohol. 2. Use Buytal tape over the hole before putting screws through. 3. Cover each mount and the screws with self leveling Dicor RV lap sealant. It will stay sealed for years. Silicone is the worst product on the market for most jobs and the one that is chosen most often. Go figure. Enjoying your videos! Wish I had your wood working skills!

  2. Great job! However, I was wondering…if paneling is installed on the inside ceiling, how do you get to the nuts to remove the solar panels in the future without removing the paneling? I think I am going to use self tapping metal screws. Comments anyone?

  3. Lay sillycone under, but don't tighten bolts until it cures. Then tighten. It basically crates a compressed o-ring. Dealt with enough old leaky salt water boats to learn my lessons. 3M 5200 is pretty killer stuff.

  4. If you do a lot more solar installs, you should consider using 3M VHB tape for the mounts (covered in Dicor lap sealant). Check out AM Solar — they have been installing this way for years and never lost a panel. This is crazy strong tape — they use it to attach windows in skyscrapers! Thanks for posting all the great videos!

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