Making green energy cheaper

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Sunny Morocco seems like the ideal place to produce solar power.

Just north of Marrakech lies the Green Energy Park, where researchers are working on making green energy technology more affordable, as part of Morocco’s drive to reduce energy dependency.

Euronews’ Denis Loctier visited their concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, where he spoke to the coordinator of the EU-funded project, MinWaterCSP, Falk Mohasseb.

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3 thoughts on “Making green energy cheaper

  1. It's very telling when they had to use many diesel powered  electric generators at the last Climate conference in Germany.  Why would they use fossil fuels to supply heat and light in a country supposedly being touted as the green energy superstar, and at a world gathering where the real topic is the elimination of fossil fuels?   I guess it's because green energy doesn't really work except in theory and among the delusional.

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