Kundalini Yoga: Opportunity & Green Energy Set For The Law Of Attraction | KIMILLA

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The manifestation of wealth, prosperity & abundance in all forms!!!

Benefits of this set:
1. activates your heart chakra
2. gets you into a high state of gratitude to attract opportunity
3. deletes poverty consciousness
4. focuses the mind on the energy of LOVE
5. releases fear

Dare to transform yourself & live your divine dream

I ❤♡♥ your notes ⇊

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a movie by Kimilla Grace
produced by Andrew Grace
edit by Jose Andrade
music by Aykanna

You Are So Divine xx

49 thoughts on “Kundalini Yoga: Opportunity & Green Energy Set For The Law Of Attraction | KIMILLA

  1. It seems next to impossible for me to remember everything while the commands while having Sat Nam go through my head. However, is Sat Nam only repeated for long slow breaths and meditation.

  2. Ego doesn't come into this at all (at least not for me, anyway). I've been practicing kindalini for many years and in my experience the best teachers are the ones that can openly acknowledge and examine constructive criticism, and don't force feed marketing to make money off of a spiritual practice. Anything else is too much of a cult experience.

    I have no problem honouring a good teacher for their work, I just don't feel like your style is for me. Sorry, nothing personal. Sat nam

  3. Wow! I do realize these videos are a free taster, but that was not at all the response I expected from an enlightened and aware person promoting consciousness. I will be sure to avoid these videos in the futre.

  4. My dear Kimilla. I’m considering taking your 10 days course transformation, but meanwhile on your videos on youtube, which are amazing! I’m wondering if there is a daily routine you recommend, like which video to play each day?
    Thank you, Kimilla, you are beautiful human being. Sat Nam.

  5. Sat nam! This is a powerful kryia and I'm so grateful you've shared it with us. Unfortunately the audio levels are atrocious and the music and your voice compete to an extremely annoying level. Despite this it has touched me to my core bringing tears of emotional release while practising (yay!) so well done there. But I'm afriad there are too many discordant audio tracks which make even tuning in properly impossible. As much as I want to practice this with someone who can give me insight to the poses as you do, I'm afraid that the cacophony of the video almost cancels out any benefits here. Will have to make a playlist on spotify and just practice alone. Such a shame because as I said this is an amazingly powerful kryia.

  6. Did i just completed this session…AMAZING In between i felt my thighs r cutt off. N later by harhar hari i felt like my body became a statue n all set for meditation. Bigbigbig thnks to u kimillia

  7. I love this one so much. Actually feel the energy radiating around my aura.  Thank you for your videos, and for not creating simple beginner exercises.  This has taken my practice to another level. Namaste beautiful soul.

  8. Kimilla, you are an awesome Kundalini yoga teacher. I enjoy watching your Kundalini Yoga videos. I appreciate all of your hard work in producing them. Yogi Bhajan instructed all those who practice and those who teach Kundalini yoga and meditation to always dress in white and to cover their heads and to ask their students to also cover their heads when doing yoga kriyas, pranayama, meditation, the chanting of prayers and mantras and the reading of the holy scriptures and the Guru Granth Sahib. I ask that you consider following these religious Sihk customs of reverence and respect for Guru/God. Thank you. All Blessings and Love in the Divine. Siri Sant

  9. Boy it's been a while, my shoulders burn so much when holding the arms above the head during that one interlocked finger mudra part! I remember the burning from classes too haha,
    Thank you so much for making these, you helped get me back into regular practice because I stopped for a while! Couldn't find any classes here

  10. Why are you the most beautiful, amazing thing that's ever happened to me today? Lol You truly are a blessing to this world. Thank you for what you do. I'm not worthy of your teaching. Loljk obviously I am because you just showed up on my computer screen one day, and my life has not been the same since. Happy knowing you're a reflection of me, because we both ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Lol have a beautiful day <3 Thank you for being a beacon of light and radiance. Sat Nam.

  11. Love it, this is my third class with you, Amazing, i would love to know the title of the final song .. beautiful am i, bountiful am i, blissful am i, wahe guru. Thank you so much for sharing

  12. i Am GRATEFUL for you! This Kundalini set is beautiful! This day has been full of abundance .l I loved the Har at the end. I am in full receiving g mode to what I want to attract.. Sat Nam

  13. Thank you! Your videos have started my yoga journy that has now lasted for about a week on a daily basis.
    So much emotions coming up. With this one felt my strong desire to neglect myself and to dedicate myself to others only. Will continue my journey to become closer to myself. 🙂

  14. Enjoy this tool! I love it. Energising and fun yoga set! One of my favourite Kundalini Yoga kriyas because it's everything u need to do for 'The Law of Attraction' to become your best weapon. Lots of love xx

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