JP Morgan Ripple Statement. XRP Stanford University Eco-Friendly. Etoro. SCI+Ripple. XRP II Research

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25 thoughts on “JP Morgan Ripple Statement. XRP Stanford University Eco-Friendly. Etoro. SCI+Ripple. XRP II Research

  1. answer the question alex: how will the price go up then if institutions can buy over the counter? whats all this hype and bullshit then about institutional money? u r full of shit alex

  2. stop listening to alex cobb guyz. its 1 hour of total crap. 3/4 of the hour all he does is procrastinate, chews up time to get more donations, reads comments from the listeners and barely gives us real info on xrp. this guy is a SCAB

  3. Alex…i am a big holder of XRP and BTC. They both will servive. Hear me out…the banking industry has many products and services. You have a checking account accesible by written checks and debit cards and ACH transfers, then they have savings accounts that are not as convenient and you can't on demand write checks on them or swipe a debit card but people keep money in them as they draw interest and store access money you don't use for daily transactions. When you need to buy a car, you go to the bank and transfer money from your savings to checking to make the larger purpose. Why? Interest drawn on account and security seperating your source of funds. BTC will be used as such. When you make a Transfer from chexking to savings for a specific purchase, it is rare and rarely somethin you need to occur in seconds. It will do better when it carries less of the load in trading pairs as that is where its volume is at. VERY FEW people are using it for true purchases of goods and services. It is all trading.
    Thanks and keep the faith

  4. I think Alex and his streams are great but for gods sake can we please get into the news before 10+ minutes into the stream thats just a little ridiculous. Also maybe a little more reading the articles before streaming, older streams had a lot more work put into them IMO EG "I actually dont know how old this document is." Really???? COME ON

  5. Bitcoin has evolved and Alex google lightning network.Lightcoin was created to assist the transaction side as script and shaw 256 very similar blockchain..Atomic Swaps.Get ready for BTC explosion as tether added 500 million in capital,Watch!!!
    Please don't make comments on something you don't know about.No BTC would equal a major problem for the crypto space and credibility.Store of value and extremely private are utility!!!BTC,LTC,and XRP.

  6. He will be glad with 1 dollar eoy, Jesus christ…are you dumb. Couple of weeks ago you said 10 dollar now its one. It will be much higher then one. 10 at least. Even the most shyt coin out ther will do at least 4x by eoy.

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