Is SOLAR Worth It? 5 Years Later with Solar Panels

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I decided to get Solar Panels in July of 2011, and now with almost 7 years of data, I thought I’d share my finding, and what you can expect if you decide to go with Sola Panels or PV Cells!

I talk about whether Solar Panels are worth it, my Solar Output, Solar Panel Warranty, Solar Calculators, and More!

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My first piece of advice, is to buy less panels than you need, and slowly add to your system over time. These panels are getting more and more efficient, and cheaper by the year. I paid $10,000 for 5 235w panels for a total system of 1,175watts. But now, I could get 10 305 watt panels for a similar price.

So if you’re interested in solar, consider getting a small system now, and building on it over time. With Enphase Micro inverters, your system will be very modular and you can easily add more panels in the future.

We highly recommend the Enphase M250 micro inverters especially if you have trees or other structures that might cause shading issues on your panels. With micro inverters, you’ll have a micro-inverter attached to each solar panel, where as a regular inverter will attach to many solar panels.

If you interested in learning more about how shading effects your panels, or other details on how solar collection works, please leave us a comment, and we can create a follow on video outlining these details.

Get get access to your data, and view your solar panel performance, you’ll need a communication gateway like the Enphase Envoy. With this, you’ll get lifetime data storage, access and nothing is cooler than seeing just how your panels are performing.

We recommend you clean your solar panels at least a few time a year, because in our testing, clean solar panels output about 4% more power than dirty ones, and this number will only get bigger the dirtier they are. The best way to clean solar panels is with a window cleaner and squeegee on a wand.

Thanks so much for tuning in guys! We love making these kinds of videos, and sharing our experience and knowledge. Please ask questions or comments we’ll definitely get back to you!

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43 thoughts on “Is SOLAR Worth It? 5 Years Later with Solar Panels

  1. MAYBE i am misunderstanding… i looked at my moms bill and she uses around 2-3000 kwh a month… and my understanding is this was saying that the panels only produce ONE kwh per day??? so i don't see how 30 kwh a month is saving her very much money if she is using 3000 a month…
    please correct me if i am wrong, bc i was planning on buying her a system but if this is right, i am not comprehending how its beneficial …

  2. @2:21 10.5MW would correspond to a small/renewable energy power plant for instantaneous power. You generated 10.5MW hours – it's taken you years to generate what a power plant can produce in any given moment. It's still cool to see such a large amount of power being generated at home!

  3. technically you save alot of money if you use solar in a different way. like battery bank to store your electric to run things at night and not hooked up to a power company. you save alot of money. unless you're forced as a slave to the electric companies through the government and peoples policies. thats your fault

  4. I've looked in to it for years. It all sounds good until you realize you will need to replace the panels, they don't last forever and the roof on your house. So maintenance can be pricey. Then you have batteries. They typically don't last longer than about 3 to 5 years.

  5. In 2016 you could have had same or better panels mounted on a better system with a better inverter for half the price.

  6. This is crap. Your panels will only generate a third of what you use through the grid. My electric company pays a third of a pence per KW generated through solar panels.

    This sounds like an advert. Cut the crap.

  7. Vertically integrated clean RENEWABLE energy solutions with MASSIVE economy’s of scale that X2 doubles and improves its effective efficiencies every 3 months always implementing and evolving with renewed vigor and embedded tenacious determination deep and wide. NOW.

  8. It's amazing I can get a 235 watt panel for $120 now

    All 5 panels only cost $600 compared to his $10,000

    So worth it if you set up your own power wall.

  9. As I understand it, you paid $10 000.00 for just the panels. You do not mention any other costs i.e. Inverter, batteries, relays etc. Furthermore I have to assume that you changed over to solar to "Save Costs". It would be very interesting to see a comparison between your solar system and buying electricity from the grid. Remember to take into consideration the life span of solar panels and batteries. The last time I did this calculation, break even was at 20 years provided that the system is paid for in cash. When financed, you can add another 5 years. You then have 5 years of "Free electricity" before you have to start thinking of replacing batteries and solar panels again. Investing your money makes better sense. You will have money readily available to pay for your electricity and have a better financial port folio,………… On second thoughts, just use less electricity,…………

  10. maybe it's a good time to invest more. Get 10 more 300 watt panels and maybe 2000 AH of batteries. That should be enough juice to last a week with no sun. This way you never have to pay the power company but they pay you

  11. I've had a rethink on my last comment. lol. It seems the solarfirms want you to have a huge system, which is designed I think to scare people off. It did for me, but your video has made me think again. Just as a matter of interest what is your monthly KWh usage. Mine averages at 100KWh per month, but did peak at 200Kwh for one month when I had visitors. I have found a solar kit with 6 x 250 Kw panels, 80A charger controller MPPT, 24 v invertor and 8 x 6v deep cycle batteries for an off-grid system at US3700 plus installation, do you think it would be enough for 2 freezers, washing machine (twice run a week), computer & hub? I don't have air conditioning. I live in Jamaica which has Sun all year round for about 12 hours each day.
    My objective is to remove the mains supply, running totally off grid. Any comments would be appreciated

  12. Nice video but there are is some important information you left out.

    1. There are a lot of damaged roof tiles around your solar panels, damage may have been done during the installation or during the monthly maintenance that is required. Some people don’t feel comfortable on a roof and would need to hire someone to clean the panels.
    2. The roof tiles on your roof appear to be older and worn and may need to be replaced soon. If panels are installed on a roof with little life left, an additional cost will be incurred having to hire a company to remove the panels so the roof can be replaced, then reinstall the system. Which brings up another question. Do you reinstalled a 7 year old, outdated system back on the roof or do you spend more for an upgrade?
    3. I believe you comment about zero maintenance during the seven years can be misleading. For instance, the batteries will start to deteriorate from day one and on your system are probably nearing the time for replacement.

  13. Would you please not call a kilowatt-hour a kilowatt!!!! One of the is a quantity, the other is a rate! When you confuse them you end up making statements that make no sense whatsoever. it drives me nuts.

  14. interesting numbers, i'm getting 2,7kWp system but more than half of the price will be the battery for storing the energy, i don't plan to put anything back to the grid, so that my distribution costs (part of the bill) will be as low as possible, because this cost si now even more than the price of the energy itself

  15. Here we are in 2018. My electric bill is $300 during the summer. I would love to get solar panels installed on my house but our neighborhood HOA's bylaws state " No energy conservation equipment (solar / wind) shall be installed on any lot"! Total BS!

  16. What this tells me is no matter what I’ll be paying the electrical company something. Their rate of inflation is crazy and it almost feels wrong that they can do that. Crazy.

  17. WTH…. THE US government subsidize solar panel 35% subsidies. That is insane. I tought the USA was a capitalist country not socialist. Why would the tax payers money go to this.

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