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I explain how much this system cost and I go over the site plan and electrical diagram in this link Keep in mind the $3719 price doesn’t consider the federal or state tax incentives, which would lower it significantly. I’ve also modified this system to deal with an addition the homeowner put up in this video I show how to deal with roof penetrations and racking in more detail here. Dealing with Xcel and the building inspector were videos in themselves. Feel free to ask questions though and if your feeling very generous you can help me spread knowledge, inspiration, compassion and adventure around the world with monetary support. You can support me monetarily on my channel page in the upper right hand corner or by clicking on one of the support Jesse Hoff icons in this video. Thanks.

Installing solar panels yourself, DIY.

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Systems been running for a total of 40 months: the one caveat to also keep in mind is that for about half a year we’ve been working with only 4 panels because of an addition on the house.
Update as of 9/5/16 the system has been running for

40 months total

It has produced 4.74 megawatts-hours total

1 megawatt = 1000 kw

So that equates to 4740 kwh total

4740/40 = 118.5 kwh per month

118.5/30 = 3.95

~3.95 kwh per day


  1. You mentioned in the beginning that you're wiring your panels/inverters in series. You're using micro inverters so that means you're really putting them in parallel.

  2. Hey Jesse. According to this video if the solar panels are damaged, the rain/water can make electricity leak through frame and so on. So my question would be: Grounding the frame to earth would help with that in case a person touches it? In general the electricity will pass through the grounded wire or through the person? What about a device to monitor any electric leaks? Thanks

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