How to hook up Solar Panels (with battery bank) – simple ‘detailed’ instructions – DIY solar system

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shows how to hook up solar panels (with a battery bank). simple instructions. home solar power station. very easy to put together. all you need is 1 or more batteries, an inverter, charge controller and a solar panel or panels. the following is for a 12 volt system. use one ‘deep cycle’ battery for every 2 to 6 amps your panels generate. (batteries like to be charged at this rate). a 12 volt 1 amp panel generates about 15 watts. you can use any solar panels. if you can’t get the smaller panels then buy one larger one. (Kyocera sells an inexpensive 7-8 amp solar panel (135 watter)). that would go perfect with 2 deep cycle batteries. the six panels in the video are from harbor freight tools. i bought 2 three panel sets. they sell the panels in sets of three or individually. coleman sells similar panels. the batteries are from walmart. they are ‘deep cycle’ batteries. the charge controller is from fry’s electronics. the inverter is from harbor freight tools. this system will provide all the ‘free’ power you will need to run tons of things around your house. i’ve posted 6 videos showing all sorts of things running on this system (computers, tvs, stereos, lights, power tools, appliances, and more). all can be found on my youtube channel homepage. great little system to start with. try ‘powering up’ one room in your house. you now have a solar assisted house. as one example; this could easily run a light, laptop computer, fan and small tv for several hours every day. also great in an emergency, power outage, remote and rural off-grid living.

27 thoughts on “How to hook up Solar Panels (with battery bank) – simple ‘detailed’ instructions – DIY solar system

  1. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about benefits of solar energy try Ewans energy roadmap (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  2. I'm curious (don't know if you or someone else can answer) if I have a 100 ah battery and a 60 watt solar panel that puts out approx 5 amps would it be able to eventually put 100 ah back into the battery?

  3. someone set up our system with two different batteries. They are not available to help so can anyone give advice on how to change batteries safely to avoid short circuit. We have a solar panel connected to two batteries. The one battery is smaller in amp hours and doesnt seem adequate and may be draining the other 110amp hour battery. The one that needs changed is the one that is connected to the controller. Do you remove this wire and then changeover or disconnect both batteries first. The system altogether is a 250 watt solar panel, one 65amp hour battery and one 110amp hour battery with a 1000watt invertor

  4. I’ve been playing about with solar at my house, my epever mppt has a load out and i tried connecting the pure sine wave to it but it works few seconds and the load goes off from the Inverter. I’m presuming it’s the charge controller doing it. How ever it runs perfect when connecting the Inverter to the batteries directly, my question is, wont my Inverter run my battery bank below its recommended point?

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