How much does solar REALLY cost? Does it have to be expensive in the real world?

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Forget the salesman or the confusing websites, this video will show you what a solar panel system REALLY costs.

From the most basic starter kit to a whole home solution, this video goes over the real world costs in 2016 for solar panel systems. This video only covers off grid systems so if you are considering a grid tied system you will need to consider other costs such as professional installation, grid tie inverter(s), and inspections/fees to your utility company.

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32 thoughts on “How much does solar REALLY cost? Does it have to be expensive in the real world?

  1. I skipped the inverter and went the straight DC appliance route. I previously bought a pre-made power box from Powerwerx and doctored it to add 2 more cigarette lighter type outlets for DC. Finding a reasonably priced 12-volt DC refrigerator is an issue but you can get by with only 2 group series 31 batteries and only 200 or 300 watts of solar panels.

  2. The solar panels I have now provide all the electrical power I need and paid for themselves in one year. So, … you tell me …. do you think solar is 'affordable' or not?
    The number one question any person living off the grid should consider is 'How much electrical power do you need?
    How much energy did HUMAN kind have at its disposal for hundreds of thousands of years?
    A ten foot by ten foot area of solar panels will provide the same amount of power as 8 physically healthy men. If you get an average of 3 hours of full output per day that would be the equivalent of a healthy man working nonstop as hard as he could for you for 24 hours a day.
    Not enough energy? Add another 10 foot by 10 foot area of solar panels.
    The lives of nearly all HUMANS are controlled by socially adept psychopaths.
    Socially adept psychopaths have one simple trick that they have used over and over and over for thousands of years with great success to gain control of HUMANS .
    Once a HUMAN has been taken in by this trick they almost never get free of the control of the socially adept psychopaths that control HUMANS because their HUMAN nature works against them.

  3. Is our local, state &
    federal government
    going to ensure severe
    punishment's – for
    the paralleled upcoming
    – if not already existing -theft spree that will
    inevitably happen –
    for the theiving
    ( expletive!!! ) scum-
    sucking scumbag's
    that WILL start
    stealing, 'in mass' –
    these unsecured
    and/or w/out untamperable,
    high grade
    systems integrated
    w/into them?
    Yes. Who can
    correctly realize THIS
    reality!?! – An entire
    TEAM of theive's –
    watching your house –
    'researching' when
    it will be empty/
    no one home –
    Then – showing up
    one day w/a 'cherry
    picker' – getting up
    on your roof, quickly –
    and, w/in only a few
    minute's – ( or less,
    even!?! ) – have the entire system of outdoor
    solar panel's off your
    roof, into a van/truck –
    and gone – even before
    the local police show
    up – or even a neighbor
    even notice's what the
    heck is going on!
    Just as w/every
    product like these
    OUTDOOR mounted solar
    panel systems –
    they WILL get
    onto the list,
    sooner than later –
    rest assured of the ever present
    thieving bastard's/
    bitches that WILL
    find a way to
    steal them.
    Just wait.
    I'll bet the stealing
    of them has already
    begun – but the
    elevated incidences in the theft of them
    been 'shoved under
    the rug'. Kept 'hush hush – somehow.
    Most deviantly.
    W/the 'money shaker's'
    involved ( including
    our corrupt government
    and media ) deliberately
    hiding this already existing 'theft
    factor' involving
    solar panel's.
    And, if/when – if
    not already – security
    alarm system's for
    the outdoor panel's
    are 'developed' – they
    will come at an additional heavy
    price by the
    'inventor'(s) of same.
    W/ALL of these
    'Solar System' article's/
    advertisements, – is
    it not odd(!?!) there
    is never a squeek
    about any/of
    'all of the above'
    Secondary to
    'all of the above' –
    how about the
    homeowner's theft
    insurance coverage
    Will it increase, if
    the solar panel's are
    'covered', at all?
    Will it ( the insurance
    company ) $pay$ out,
    IN FULL, including all
    involved part's and
    labor to re-install
    the panel's, etc., etc.?
    Yes – just HOW
    COME these hustling
    -solar-system-selling-deceiving CREEP's
    are not
    mentioning ALL of
    this very possible
    added $expense$ while us all into buying
    them? ONLY discussing
    the initial, already quite
    $expensive$ cost of the
    solar panel system's –
    INCLUDING the very
    $cost$ of $TIME$
    and or added $cost$
    of installation of
    With, again, –
    'all of the above' –
    NOT mentioned in this
    posted article, as well –
    the overall short-and-
    long-term actual
    cost of buying a
    quality solar-power system could
    EASILY run into
    over $20,000.00+
    or so. EASILY.
    And, over
    TIME – w/the insurance
    coverage issue(s),
    etc. – much, much
    $ REALITY $ –
    average hustling
    can be a REAL
    W/not just this
    'emerging market's
    of solar power
    These HUSTLING
    salespeople ALWAY's
    'somehow' leave out
    important TOTAL
    $cost$ details –
    To, simply, sucker
    you into venture
    blindly into a
    purchase – w/never
    detailing the ADDED
    $costs$ that are
    Then what?
    Go into heavy
    credit debt to pay
    for ALL of the
    expenses involved
    in/w/such purchases?

  4. Unless you going to do the side of the house, forget it. No one can sell their house in Sac with a solar contract. They aren’t saving any money and locked into 4k a year and still paying 150.00 monthly to SMUD? What a scam.

  5. I am from Puerto Rico. And since Huricane Maria last year the power has been going on and off.. I want to go off grid but they are charging $25,000 for it… thanks for the video. Lets see if I can do something with what I learn from videos like this.

  6. Show me a average house that can be run on 3kw…….your just blowing smoke up a dead dogs ass. Today’s homes need in excess of 10 kw’s. To top it all off you do not include any back up power generation capabilities. So your figures are out to lunch buddy, that green koolaid has been very hard on your ability to tell the truth. A complete system to supply the a average home with any cost analysis I have done comes in upwards of a hundred grand. We can also talk about the carbon footprint of said equipment and how the system will never recoup the expenditure required in manufacturing it. A big Gen set would create less CO2 over its life than a proper sized system. Your just another snakeoil sales man spewing lies to the gullible.

  7. Turn On Green with Solar energy.i have become energy independent and made my house 100% protected from blackout and made some steps to reduce carbon footprint and improve environment by putting solar panels on my roof by simply following the DIY home energy quick tips.I would recommend everyone to follow the tips to take a initiative to save our mother earth.To know the tips click on the link :

  8. What a difference a couple of years makes.
    Solar panel prices have come down even more and there is a real shift towards using lithium batteries, either 18650s from recycled laptop batteries, second life EV batteries and/or heavy duty LiFePO₄.
    Also the cost of MPPT charge controllers has come down with pressure from Chinese producers who are really gearing up on the mass solar market.
    However, the market has been plagued by fake MPPT controllers that are really PWM, so one really has to do one's homework before committing to a purchase, and reviews on youtube have been indispensable in helping to sort out the wheat from the chaff.
    One of my favorite hobby MPPT controllers is a cute Chinese MPT-7210A available for around $30. It's a boost converter, so not suitable for 12V, but is good for charging 48V ebikes from 12-24 volt panels at a couple of hundred watts.
    The future is approaching and would approach even quicker if the fossil fuel lobby would stop trying to resist so hard and go with the inevitable flow.

  9. I live off grid up in Canada and I can say that this is a really well done video. I endorse what LDS is saying.

    I have a 1.8KW system here and I want to point out a couple things to get the cost of a large system down.

    Buy panels by the pallet load. You will save some $ that way. Just split the cost with some neighbours.

    Make your battery bank 48V or 60V. You will save a lot of money on the cost of charge controllers that way. (for every 4 charge controllers you need for a 12V system, you will only need 1 for a 48V system! That will save you a couple grand.) It will also save you a bit on wires too and will reduce your conversion losses.

    You can save money on refurbished batteries and as long as you take good care of them they will last you. Also when you connect the batteries together, I recommend doubling up your connections. Instead of using one wire of the proper size, use 2. You will get better connections and will have longer battery life as a result. Batteries are the most perishable part of your system and they need to be taken care of. Make sure to top up your batteries with distilled water once a month too.

    Also you will have extra energy in summer so hook up your hot water tank as a diversion load. Then when your batteries are full you will get hot water instead of just blowing heat off at the charge controller. 

    Also if you are on the grid then stay on. Sell power back to the grid and save $ on batteries.

  10. Regular home systems (not off grid solution) takes about 15 years to recoup investment in the Sun belt states. If you don't plan to live in the house that long it is a money loser for you.

  11. Constantly getting cheaper and the panels are getting better.

    But be careful
    I checked with a local company about installing solar. They have a warehouse full of 10 year old panels and they are charging double per watt what current panels cost. (current panels are appx 4X the power per sq ft so they want to cover a roof that should only need 1/4 covered in panels and that means a lot more installation cost)

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