How Graphene is taking Solar Cells to the next level

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In this video we look at how the miracle material Graphene is helping to improve solar cells.

Graphene is not only being used as a transparent and flexible electrode but also as the PV material.

Graphene- Perovskite cells have already shown Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE) of over 20% in the lab.

Doped Graphene is also showing remarkable properties as a charge holder

26 thoughts on “How Graphene is taking Solar Cells to the next level

  1. We have had solar powered pocket calculators for yrs now.
    Why do we not have solar charging Mobile phones ?
    Where the carry case folds out flat & can be placed in sunlight to add charge to the phone ?
    ( maybe it would take a long time to charge a phone ? but every extra minute of charge helps along the way. )
    Also a hand cranked manual winder to add charge. out door camping use etc.
    Or lay it on a window ledge All Day in a safe place such as home or work. ( where it won't get stolen )

    The lid of my Laptop, could be covered with Graphene Then left by a window in the sun all day at home to self charge .
    the lid already tilts to any angle to catch Max sunshine.

    IF most Gadgets / appliances had their own solar charger, there would be Less need to plug IN to the mains. ( or in some cases NO need to plug IN .)

    IF every house Cut it's mains power usage by 10% .
    then generated 10% of it's own power, that would be a 20% saving to the Grid.

    Then increased that each yr, with additional Savings of 1% each yr.
    And generated 1% more each yr over 10 years = 40% less power from the grid.

    The 1% increases would come with / via better technology, & people being MORE AWARE of EVERY WATT of power they use in a day.
    More LED lighting, & Appliances that switch OFF Automatically after use.
    & more modern more efficient appliances as they get developed in yrs to come.

    The whole Grid would become sustainable on 100% renewable energy, wind & solar etc.

    The END of Dirty Nuclear & Fossil fueled energy. ( or as emergency back up only )

  2. Very interesting, thanks. It seems to me that the importance of efficiency becomes less if we can mass produce panels cheaply, out of non toxic readily available materials. We can get by with less of a battery system in off grid homes, and those batteries can be graphene based too! I just subbed.

  3. There's the prospect of every double glazed window unit having a clear solar panel sandwiched between the glass sheets. If you add that up for a new office building and add some batteries it could be self powering.
    Probably most houses as well.

  4. The problem with all these great finds is when will it be available to a poor guy like me . That will be never. By the time it is cheap enough I Will be dead. It seems that scientist are more greedy than worried about the environment. Until we can freely share knowledge on this Planet we will never advance. Right now we need to cool this Planet fast or none of this will matter anyway.

  5. There is no such things as all-weather solar cell. Cloudy days means very little electricity even if the cells were 100% efficient. Please stop sensationalizing technology which we won't see for decades.

  6. I heard this same old story for years but not even 1 prototype to prove for these theories on how graphene can improve technology. To me it is a concept for now!

  7. Very interesting. I did not know it could be doped like a semiconductor. Maybe you folks in India will save the Planet. My country of Canada should be able to but we couldn't be arsed.

  8. I love this channel. Thank you for all the information. I am a non-engineer and I can fully understand what you guys are talking about. Never any jargon with any of the videos I have watched. Thank you very much.

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