Hermitcraft (Minecraft) – EP13 – Solar Panels And Glass Case!

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In this episode:
We build our solar panels and I get started on encasing the tree in glass!

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21 thoughts on “Hermitcraft (Minecraft) – EP13 – Solar Panels And Glass Case!

  1. Seriously, dude, I wish I could just send you a tutorial on how to make the absolute simplest doors using that "S" style opening, because it's surprisingly easy to make them very VERY compact.

  2. I totally just missed this one, til now. I love the solar panels. Since the Minecraft sun passes directly overhead, you don't need to tilt the panels. Looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My comment/suggestion for your solar panels, you have all four separate, but if you take all 4 how you had the originally, so that there's a 1 block gap between all of them, filling in that gap with either stone half slabs or quarts half slabs. Then they can be the top half slabs along the longer way, and bottom slabs along the shorter way, with a full block as the support pillar, or use 2 pillars of fences, with the top fences having one in between, to look like a hinge. Hope you take a look at gander at this. 🙂

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