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BBC, Documentary Gangster, Guns #National #Discovery From the prairies of Saskatchewan to a Manhattan skyscraper we’ll see the 21st Century’s . World Travel Channel HD Can emerging technology defeat global warming? The United States has .

It’s not in the papers but a silent revolution is moving across the world. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than from fossil fuels. It means that progressively .

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45 thoughts on “Green Technology Documentary

  1. Hope4ClimateChange

    A Road Map.

    Clawing CO2 back from the atmosphere. Getting carbon back into the ground.


    Bushes not Trees, quicker growth for massive leafage and support for biodiversity.

    Rhododendrons varieties with prolific growth, broad dark Evergreen leaf.
    Articles online indicate that the Rhod. is widely adapted, so therefore suitable for genetic engineering. Though present incarnations could well be up to the task.

    Issues of Desalination and Irrigation: the power driving these?

    Thorium Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors (MSR’s) 10 years away. Fusion Reactors no doubt will eventually join the game.

    Meanwhile, Wind/Solar/Tidal will at least set up an infrastructure.

    At this point, pollution will be gaining. Emissions belching forth until MSRs etc. come online, reducing emissions to a minimum.

    At which point the Biology will leap ahead as MSRs provide the necessary (clean) energy for massive Desalination and Irrigation projects.

    This is ten odd years down the line, just need to cope until then.

    Just how long will it take to capture enough CO2 to reverse Global Warming?

    Problem of tipping balance the other way and inadvertently bringing in an Ice Age with consequent lowering of Sea Levels?!?!

    Must be cheaper than setting up a Mars colony.

  2. Do not cease recycling and lapse into the mindset that they have landfills figured and that they'll just pump something in there and re.molecularise this and that. No. Recoverable metals are still a valuable industrial resource. And the idea that old growth forestry and wholesale land clearing is fine after all because they'll just construct algae tank farms in the Nevada desert and pump out oxygen like buggery is also a fallacy. One could go on, but you get the drift. Stay on the environmentalist case.

  3. total B.S…..climate change is a natural process. not man made and CO2 is not a toxin for the planet..its food for plants. human made environmental toxicity, desertification and ecosystem destruction are the problems.

  4. Great bit of guff from the 'oil is good for you and still has a role to play, it's the fuel of the future ' brigade. The dirty scoundrels are still building new pipelines and fracking or scraping down to the last dregs. The day of the piston engine has past. If all you had was steam power from burning coal and you then learnt the much greater ability of internal combustion engine technology to do the job. You would be an idiot if you decided to stick with the coal/steam combo. Renewable power and electric transport are the obvious choice. Actually, the only choice. Budah of Birmingham

  5. 20:39 Now that is simply wrong. 800,000 cars per one bulb replacement in the house? Let's see 800,00, let's round that up to a million, there are roughly 1.015 billion cars in the world according the the latest assessment. What this documentary is saying is that if a 1000 households (1000x 1 million = 1 billion) were to replace one bulb each we would eliminate all cars pollution in the world, basically equal out the carbon emissions? Yeah, I don't think so.

  6. Not sure when this episode aired seems like a few years old I like the idea of plasma waste to fuel plant in FL. and more "green" off grid buildings and homes. Micro grids are now popping up using solar/wind and Lithium Ion batteries. Since my company focuses on environmental projects in Southern CO there have been even more amazing approaches in this industry. Our first project will reduce rubber / plastic / auto parts and construction waste and hire on 30 new jobs for those with job placement barriers vets, disabled, homeless and felons. instead of doom and gloom folks go turn it around and stop complaining and spinning conspiracy theories.

  7. Its pretty sad that a noticeable chunk of people still believe climate change is a myth created by liberal hippies… And when you try to lay out the facts, they just go and say oh this week was so cold, your rising temp theories are bs. Look at the picture as a whole dammit, not basing the entire global annual average temp based on one week, in one specific city.. Stupid people are just so damn stubborn that its almost impossible to tell them otherwise.

  8. Hey, enough of this hand-wringing bullshit ! CO2 isn't an "enemy" – carbon is a building block of life – ASK ANY GREEN PLANT ! The actual temp of the earth has DECREASED almost a degree in the past year n a half. We're entering a COOLING CYCLE – stay tuned, kids !

  9. He claims %30-40 of materials are wasted with on site building. I think this is way off and it's much less than what he said. I think it's more like %10 and probably less than that.

  10. I can't believe the ease with which all you armchair Hitlers talk of exterminating billions of human beings. If we stop devoting the majority of our resources to the cause of destroying each other 90 percent of our problems would be solved. Colonization of our moon and Mars would alleviate excess population.

  11. "Green buildings" are the biggest fucking con. Not only are they ugly and soul crushing, but their use of artificial materials makes them less green than we think. What is so unsustainable about an old stone or wood cottage? What is so unsustainable about a log cabin? Go figure!

  12. #Stupid – WHAT do plants need to live? A large part of it is CO2. The environment is a cycle. In the 1950's & 1960's, some "scientists" decried "GLOBAL COOLING". Their solution? Socialism basically. Now that such did not work, it's swapped to "GLOBAL WARMING". Same solution, sadly. Lots of "non-lab-science" folk have even recognized this already. As a forensic scientist, regardless of whatever comes before me, I follow the same principles & as many of the procures as possible. I "let the chips fall wherever they may." Much of this is more a mix of faith & politics than it could ever be called science.

  13. Question is, how much is the HHV -heating value of this so called algae fuel per kg or pound of fuel it can produce & how much does it cost to produce? Because in the end, Power Plant efficiency should certainly measure up to say that this power plant is indeed viable as it claim itself to be

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