Green Energy Transition! Watch How Many Countries Are Transitioning Fast Into Renewable Energy

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Germany’s energy transition.
Landfill generates new, renewable energy.
Europe’s perfect transition to a green energy future.
BNP CEO Says Billions Needed for Energy Transition.
Wind Turbine Power price drops open possibility of ‘entirely green energy system’.
Solar farming is growing as option for producing renewable energy.
Green energy transition moves fast in Germany.
Solar Energy- Fastest growing energy source.

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10 thoughts on “Green Energy Transition! Watch How Many Countries Are Transitioning Fast Into Renewable Energy

  1. 3.30 in wind and solar not always on true but the tide and geothermal energy are and energy storage play a role energy do not have to be stored in conventional batteries it can be stored in many innovative ways its time to share technologys share knowledge and grow beyond financial boundaries.

  2. Any area / Region/ Country, Only needs to find 5 ways to Save 10% of energy consumption.
    And 5 ways to make 10 % more energy .
    It is THAT SIMPLE !
    1) increase the existing efficiency of wind turbines & Solar panels by 10 % .
    2) add 10% more turbines.
    3) add 10% more solar,
    4) Fit all household lights with L E D bulbs,
    5) fit all household lights with PIR switches as you walk through the house . ( with a hold switch for the room in use ) at the time.
    6) automatic power shut off to all Plug sockets except Fridges & Security etc. so that Nothing gets left ON by mistake as you go out to work etc. ( as per Hotel room card entry style , you take the card out as you leave the room = all the power shuts off except the fridge & and ' RED ' plug socket. that would save 20 % of all power in a town or village just by doing that !
    7) You think up all the other ways yourself !
    Why should I tell you them ALL ?

  3. Climate change in the environment is no longer the driving force behind renewable energy it's purely economical it is cheaper and gets a better return on investment any country that does not embrace the new energy sources is going to be left in the dust look at how powerful the countries are there are embracing Renewables thousands tens of thousands of jobs and greater GDP because of Renewables much healthier and safer source of energy safer than any gas plant coal mine and America black long is at its highest rate ever and yet coal usage is declining and will disappear in the near future any people displaced in their jobs could be retrained and will be retrained for renewable energy industry

  4. storing solar power is one of the most challenging issues…cheap batteries are not available, and replacing batteries is not cheap or efficient….I believe that heating water with solar is a good solution. Insulated underground water reserves could be heated during the daylight, and used for heating thru the night via transfer pumps to circulate the warm water thru the living space. Since heating is a major consumer of energy in northern climates, this could be a viable, efficient, and sustainable heating solution, which would not require the replacement of battery banks every five to ten years. A reserve of 1000 gallons of water could sustain a comfortable level of heat for an average sized home if insulated adequately. The solar array could be made larger if required….solar panels are quite cheap-it is the components and batteries that are expensive…..cheers

  5. "Baseload" is a description of a type of powerplant that can not follow load in a practical way either due to technical reasons, like the boiler cracking from the changes in temperature and pressure, or due to financial reasons, like nuclear power plants costing just as much to operate at half capacity, as full capacity doubling their price. The only reason anybody built a baseload plant, is in the hope that it would be cheaper to operate than a peaker plant. Now, renewables are cheaper.

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