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On average, Chinese people use a third of the energy used by a person in a developed nation, yet China is one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases. So how will China fulfil the responsibilities agreed in the UN Paris Agreement (CMA1)?

Let’s take a look at how China plans to reduce its energy consumption, introduce new technologies and the different energy sources used – hydropower, wind power, solar power, geothermal energy and nuclear power.

China’s goal is that 20% of its energy will come from non-fossil fuel energy by 2030. So where will it come from?

China not only possesses the largest installed hydropower capacity in the world, but also the most advanced hydropower technology.

China’s wind power industry is the fastest growing in the world with two wind turbines installed per hour in 2015. China’s biggest plant has more than 3,500 turbines. But next, China needs to improve the grid to make sure it can use all the wind power that it generates.

China can make more solar energy than anywhere else on earth and also supports the development of solar power worldwide with advanced technology and equipment. In 2020, the country’s solar panel installation capacity will reach 110 million kilowatts – which can provide electricity for 80 million people.

It is particularly valuable in rural provinces, where more and more people are turning to home solar systems for energy.

Turning agricultural residue into pellets has kick-started a national biogas industry in China.

120 kilometres south of Beijing, China has developed its first smoke-free city – Xiong County, which has become a model for other parts of China. 95% of its heating comes from geothermal sources.

As China has one sixth of the world’s geothermal resources, this resource will help to increase China’s use of non-fossil fuel energy from 12% to 15%.

Nuclear power currently accounts for 3% of China’s total power generation. China’s nuclear power units in operation have never had accidents at or above Level 2 on the International Nuclear Accident Classification scale.

But China’s plans to reduce carbon emissions don’t just focus on clean energy – it plans to reduce its energy consumption and introduce new technology and approaches.

China has become the world’s largest electric and hybrid vehicle market and is subsidizing the industry to make it more attractive for manufacturers and consumers. And in 2017, China introduced the world’s largest carbon-trading market encouraging companies to curb emissions.

26 thoughts on “GREEN ENERGY IN CHINA

  1. To those who distrust the video, China is in fact very concerned with polution and would pay to minimize it.
    Then again any country who ends up polluting too much would immediately find it concerning.

  2. China – biggest polluters on the planet. Nice propaganda piece. Oi English bloke, did they pay you well to shill for them? Why should the cleaner nations pay for China's filth?
    One more thing. Why did China just abolish the letter N from the internet?
    China's president made himself President for life! So much for progress in China! lol

  3. That the first time I watch an obvious propaganda from China (or Chinese company). They even ask a British speaker to target British people !
    But actually, I liked it !
    It is nice to remind people that Chinese are not the first emitter in term of CO2/capita. I heard so many time "China is producing too much CO2, they are the ones responsible for climate change." as if European countries and USA were not…
    Despite huge poverty, corruption, high population problems, they manage to do much more (and even lead the way) to fight climate change in comparison to the USA, UK, France for example.

  4. I know most of you guys don't believe the content in the video. But there is one true fact that I've personally experienced, the government did put a quota of coal consumptions on every household since the beginning of 2018. The radiator (heater) in my house literally stopped working in the middle of the snowing day and the stove wouldn't be turned on so I had to move to my old house and use the old AC. Also, just compare the gasoline price in China and America, you will immediately find out why Chinese ppl use less energy than those in the developed country.

  5. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction and degregration. 51% of emisions from AG. Methane. But all transportation combined is only 15% nothing trumps AG. The waters are polluted and the ocean has dead zones. 3/4 of the ocean are exploited or overly exploited and we will see fishless oceans by 2048. If you care about this then you should be vegan. Watch cowspiracy on Netflix or check out the citations on the facts section of the website they have. Cowspirac/facts.

  6. Lol the Chinese are the ones who pollute the most. Quit the bullshit; we know you don't give a crap about nature, the only reason you only use "30%" of energy that a developed country uses is because your people are low-key starving from under payed jobs

  7. historical records show 2deg rises in temps and 2deg drops have happened in the past . I would worry more about falling temps and learn about cycle 24, 25, and beyond . we are entering into the Eddy Minimum

  8. looks promising. But from other sources i have heard some things from, I'm not completely willing to trust china's competence to actually fulfill any expectations. But I would love to be proven wrong

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