Green energy @ Electricity Tree by Mr. Michaud – Lariviere

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Electricity tree

A number of French engineers succeeded in developing a prototype ” wind tree . ” The tree is able to capture the wind that is processed into electricity . According to one of the pioneers , Mr. Michaud – Lariviere , wind tree is more simple and can be used in homes such as to turn on the LED lights . Citing Dailymail , Sunday ( 30/11 ) , this wind tree shape resembles a plastic tree planted in the yard . ” The leaves are green ” was later that works capture winds are blowing . ” Trees ” will be sold in the market in 2015 .

12 thoughts on “Green energy @ Electricity Tree by Mr. Michaud – Lariviere

  1. I am amused to see this poor wind turbine tree.
    Let us review the Vertical axis wind turbines and why they became obsolete.
    Studies were conducted to evaluate the impact of the wake effect on both the steady-state operation and dynamic performance of a wind farm and provide conclusions that can be used as thumb rules in generic assessments where the full details of the wind farms are unknown. A simplified explicit model of the wake effect is presented, which includes: the cumulative impact of multiple shadowing, the effects of wind direction and the wind speed time delay. The model is implemented in MATLAB® and then integrated into a power system simulation package to describe the wake effect and its impact on a wind farm, particularly in terms of the wake coefficient and overall active power losses. Results for two wind farm layouts are presented to illustrate the importance of wind turbine spacing and the directionality of wind speeds when assessing the wake effect during steady-state operation and dynamic behavior(F.González-LongattP.WallV.Terzija, Wake effect in wind farm performance: Steady-state and dynamic behavior, Renewable Energy, Volume 39, Issue 1, March 2012, Pages 329-338).
    The blades are vertical and more or less work on the principle of “Savonius Rotor).because of disadvantages the Vertical Axis Wind Turbines became obsolete:
    • As only one blade of wind turbine work at a time so efficiency is very low
    • They need a initial push to start, this action use few of its own produce electricity
    • When compared to horizontal axis wind turbine they are very less efficient with respect to them. this is because they have an additional drag when their blades rotates.
    • They have relative high vibration because the air flow near the ground creates turbulent flow
    • Because of vibration bearing wear increase which result in the increase of maintenance cost
    • They create noise pollution.
    Shadow effect is there besides a minimum distance between two turbines have to be maintained between the trurbines and behind the turbines to enable to recover the power in the wind. In big wind turbines 5D and 7 D distances are maintained. Moreover Shadow effect between two turbines as Sun moves from east to west(Diurnal Motion).
    The same principle of SOLAR TREE was tried first in Israel and later in India. It is a total failure.
    These may appear to be fancy for a lay man and laughing stock for experts in the field.
    In the Power equation the Power is having cubic relationship with Wind Velocity while area of the rotor,density of air,efficiency of the rotor are linear.
    Small and weak blades of these turbines will be blown off in high winds. I could see in the video the slow motion of the Wind turbines. There is a minimum cut – in – speed that is required to turn the blades and rated speed to get optimum power . Mere turning of the wind rotors is fancy but not production of power.
    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India.
    Wind Energy Expert
    Margaret Noble Foundation Seattle Award in Energy Technology.

  2. I first saw this on "Innovation Nation", a tv show. I would like to know if these trees are in production and available for sale to individuals. If they are, I would like to know the cost and where they are produced. Thank you. Deb

  3. Trees are bird homes i wish they could be kinder to birds and animals or at least have dedicated branches for the birds. They would not want animals making them dirty but trees are corridors for animals to escape humans. If we take over their world too we should at least provide these corridors for them to be able to live along side or escape us !

  4. Seems like a great idea. I wonder about safety. A house sitting on a hill connected to that or having that in an open area when a storm comes will be like any other tree. How much are they because im sure they would need to be insured since lightning is very unforgiving.

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