Going Solar and the Tesla Powerwall

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Equipment and accessories seen and used in the videos:

*Magnetic phone mount. It is amazing!

*Here are the floor mats seen in the car.

*Seatback covers.

*Child seat protectors we’ve found to be the best.

*Camera and stabilizer:

EVO makes incredible camera stabilizers for everything from mobile phones to Go Pros and DSLR’s.
Here is our GoPro stabilizer used for the videos.

*Our videos are shot on a combination of GoPro Hero 4 and SONY A6500

*Sony A6500 camera

*GoPro external microphone. It’s compact, durable and provides exceptional sound quality.

Lenses Used

EVO DSLR Camera Stabilizer

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43 thoughts on “Going Solar and the Tesla Powerwall

  1. 95% of STC rating after 25 years? That's blatantly false. Try 80%. And SW has an annual decrease of 0.7% annually. Twice that of the higher-end panels like LG and Sunpower. Good luck on that waiting list for the powerwall, too. As a certified installer, we only receive an average of 2 units a month. Battery production is being diverted to the model 3. I feel bad for all our customers waiting for the 400a gateway. They want 10 powerwalls but it ain't gonna happen.

  2. How old is your roof? What about the roof replacement cost now? The quality of the US houses are “legendary” as we all know that and first question I’m hearing from insurance company is how old is your roof? I’m very interested in quality of the installations as well, one unsealed drill whole and you have a leak adding costs of paintings etc – no one is talking about that risk…

  3. So with Solar why are you still having to buy power from the electric company? It sounds like a data plan you pay for 5gb and what you do not use they buy back. To me it makes no sense

  4. I don't believe one word of the claim they'll give 95% after 25 years. I'm also very doubtful about this solution and the actual costs, I have to see it to believe it… which means waiting at least another 5 years, if not longer.

  5. one more less demand in grid power which will play great role in (demand & order) your doing a great favour to all people who use grid power. One more guy who contributes in giving energy to people at lower value.
    thats what you represent
    a good contributor to the society.

  6. Hmnnn.. So basically its like debit & credit and no need to have battery storage. And what happen if your solar produce more power? Are the electric company pay the extra?

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