Fault Finding: Portable Solar Panels

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Designed to help you find any faults in your system or solar panels, make sure you’ve got a multimeter on hand.

5 thoughts on “Fault Finding: Portable Solar Panels

  1. hello sir, please is it possible to connect solar panel directly to battery without controller.
    2ndly, i have a solar panel of 80w i noticed with my meter that it supply 20v for some time and later it will stop and later continue even when their is stable sunlight, is it a fault or how solar panel works..

  2. hey mate! i accidentally hooked up my solar panel to the battery pos to neg and neg to pos. the voltage regulator was blowing smoke and it didnt work for an hour but after that hour it seemed to be working fine. as in the lcd display screen seemed normal but i noticed it was really hot to touch. does that mean i cooked the voltage regulator?

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